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Winter Snowmen Decor

Tall wood snowman, snowman lantern jar, snowman figurines, and snowman throw

Decorate with the Whimsical Charm of Snowmen this Winter

That iconic frosty face is friendly, charming, and right in tune with the holiday season. Enlist a crowd of snowmen to do the heavy lifting of winter decorating for you. No matter what the weather forecast calls for, you can count on irresistible snowman decorations to create a winter wonderland regardless of how much real snow falls on your front lawn. Best of all, those chilly friends never go out of style in Christmas décor and they can easily blend in with multiple design themes as you change from year to year.

Outdoor Snowman Decorations

Welcome friends and family to your home with a sentry or two of snowmen. Strategically position several along a front walkway or one near your mailbox at the curb. Don’t forget to add a few of the snowy gents on your front porch along with other Christmas décor to set a friendly winter tone.

Snowman Lit Front Door Décor

Light the Way

Pre-lit outdoor decorations, like a twinkling snowman instead of a wreath for your front door, keep the decorations vibrant after the sun goes down and creates the mood of a winter wonderland with its twinkling lights. Add several solar lantern-toting snowmen to front stairs, walkways, a deck or porch to add much-needed light for visitors, and maybe even carolers, this holiday season. Solar snowmen are practical and adorable all at the same time!

Christmas Snowman Quilt

Indoor Snowman Decorations

Those happy snowmen go just about anywhere, and unlike their homemade counterparts, there is plenty of snowmen-inspired décor for inside your home too. Add quilted throws in your family room or tossed onto guest beds. Add a few holiday-themed sofa pillows with snowman motif to your conversation area near your holiday tree. Cast a magical glow in your family room with a mason jar decorated with a jolly snowman.

Snowman Decoration

Snowman Table Decorations

The holidays call for a magical touch to your winter decorations and snowman décor certainly delivers the goods. Add a charming Snowbabies figurine to a foyer table or a lighted snowman snowglobe with a swirl of glittering snow to your mantle. It is sure to elicit a smile from guests of all ages.

A lit glass jar of a painted happy snowman holding a lantern, with a black lid and hanger.


Add Snowman Décor

Bring the beauty of collectible figurines that feature snowmen to any room. They bring charm and delight with their sweet smiles. Some collectibles even have musical features to add to their already endearing charm. Others serve double duty as a nightlight and a candle warmer that add fragrance to a room or hallway.

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I would like to add my thought about the quilt throw. I make a lot of quilt throws and the best way I know to tell you about a pattern is that first you decide what size you need. The next step is to go through each row of pieces and decide how many and what size you want each to be. Now once you have decided on all the pieces and sizes go to the fabric store and start looking for fabric you like. You won’t find the kind in their quilt but find your own style. Now as for the snowmen, pick fabric that have snowmen that you like to incorporate in your quilt. Now get your batting and whatever back color you want along with the edging color and you are ready to sew together. I never have a pattern to make any thing and I make my own cushions, curtains and quilt myself, along with a variety of other things around and in my home. You can even look up how to sew a quilt on the internet. I hope this helps.

Thanks Judy. Your thorough feedback will help our other readers who want to create a personal quilt.

Do you have a pattern for the quilt?

Hi Nancy,
Unfortunately, we do not have a pattern for our S’no Place Like Home Quilted Throw.

I don’t see the quilt or the snowman solar lantern on your website for sale. Are they? Thank you

Hi Terri,
Unfortunately, our S’no Place Like Home Quilted Throw and Lighted Snowman Mason Jar are currently unavailable.
Here’s a link to view the rest of our Snowman items.
We hope you find something else you enjoy!

Hi, can I have the pattern for this beautiful snow man. I love snowmen and I have a large collection of snowman. Would you please send me this pattern, and I will pay for postage. I live in Montana where right now we have 24 inches of snow , we are at -47° last night. Lots of blankets. Please message me and I will give you my address. Thank you in advance Merry Christmas to you and your family. May God bless you and give you peace. Thank you

Hi Dee,
That sounds like a ton of snow – We hope you stay warm.
Unfortunately, we do not have the pattern to offer you for our S’no Place Like Home Quilt – We’re sorry!
Merry Christmas to you as well!

do you have a pattern for the quilt?

Hi Lolly,
We do not have the pattern to offer you for our S’no Place Like Home Quilt – We’re sorry!

Beautiful snowmen – where can I find the pattern for the Snowman quilt? I would love to make it.

Hi Pauline,
We do not have the pattern to offer you for our S’no Place Like Home Quilt – We’re sorry!

Would like to find pattern for the snowman quilt. Any suggestions or even the name of the quilt. I just love it. Thanks

Hi Claire,
Unfortunately, our S’no Place Like Home Quilted Throw is currently unavailable.
You can view our full selection of Bedding here.
We hope you find something else you enjoy!

Are you sendig to Europe?

Hi Eva,
Unfortunately not – Thank you!

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