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Guest Room Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays — Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready

Tips for Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Do your holiday plans include entertaining out-of-town guests? Time to add a few extra touches to your guest room. Make them feel right at home for the holiday with these guest room decorating ideas and tips for setting up the perfect guest room.


Quilt Set

Dress the Bed for the Season

There’s nothing like a warm quilt set in holiday colors to instantly make your guests feel right at home. After freshly laundered linens, add a variety of pillows in varying degrees of firmness and size. The same goes for blankets. A variety of weights and fabrics allows your guest to choose the one just right for them. Provide multiple layers to the bedding to give guests control over the temperature. If the mattress is a bit worn out, consider adding a new mattress topper to add a layer of support and comfort to the mattress.

Christmas quilt


Accent for the Holiday

The season calls for some extra Christmas décor to celebrate the season. Consider a festive Christmas wreath, some holiday scatter pillows, a Christmas throw blanket for snuggling, a pine cone candle, or a few holiday coffee table-sized books. It’s amazing the statement a single poinsettia bloom in a clear glass vase can make sitting in a window or next to the bed. Just a few additions can go far in making a guest room look holiday festive.


Make your home cozy this holiay with a Christmas Quilt


Take a Seat

Many people consider the bed as a place to sleep, but not a place to sit. Place an upholstered armchair or bedroom accent chair in the room with a table and lamp close by. Drape with holiday or buffalo check throw.


Storage Trunk

Open Up the Hangers

Your guests will feel welcome to hang their clothes and settle in. A storage trunk presents an easy place to unpack and keep their bags. If you don’t have room for a trunk, clear plenty of closet and dresser space for them to stow their luggage.

Christmas village


Clear the Decks when you Deck the Halls

Resist the temptation to fill the guest room dresser and table with endless Christmas decorations.  Holiday decor is great, but leave room for your guests’ belongings. In a guest room, less is more – more space, more comfortable and more welcoming.


LED Candles

Add the Finishing Touches

Remember your favorite little Bed & Breakfast? Take your cue from the little touches that made your stay there so memorable. Just before your guests arrive, fill a vase with fresh flowers and place an ice-filled carafe of water in their room. Turn on LED candles to create a warm welcoming glow. Luxurious folded towels and a bowl of holiday chocolates or petits fours will make them feel especially welcome. Warm up those hardwood or tile floors with an area rug that complements your room’s color palette. Encourage them to share favorite holiday moments of their stay by placing a journal in the bedroom so guests can write a note about their visit and let you know how much they enjoyed their stay.

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A great host is always looking to make their guests comfortable. Nothing makes company more welcome than a cozy bedroom. Learn more.

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Need a soft blanket for my bed with lots of warmth but does not pile up

You need to fix your ad – you used the wrong “your”. It is you’re!!

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for bringing that oversight to our attention – We will be sure to correct it!

Sounds so warm and inviting.The company will enjoy the room and the time spent there.One time i was visting my Sister . In her guest room she put a bowl of chocolates and a bowl of dried cherries. It was just the perfect xtra touch.

I love the quilt above. Where can I purchase the quilt above with the poinsettias on it?

Very pretty and relaxing…..

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