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Transition Your Seasonal Decor From Fall to Holiday

Quick & Easy Decorating Ideas to Transition Easily from Fall into the Holidays

Once you’ve welcomed fall, it’s surprisingly fast how quickly the holidays will sneak up on you. Think ahead and plan now for how you can easily make the shift from harvest to holiday. With these tricks and tips, your holiday decorations are sure to create the perfect holiday home.

A little planning can pay off when you choose seasonal décor that makes the transition from fall decor into the holidays. Choose items that are simple to adjust and can be easily incorporated into holiday décor once your plans turn from pumpkin carving to tree decorating. Try one or two of these budgetfriendly decorating ideas for an instant update!


Branch Out

A twiggy ornament tree with LED lights serves as the perfect foundation no matter what the holiday. Keep it spooky for Halloween, change it up with leaves, acorns or metallic pumpkins for fall, then shift gears with holiday ornaments after Thanksgiving. Looks perfect on an entryway table. It’s the tree that keeps on giving!

Dinnerware Set

Dine-In for the Holidays

Look for dinnerware sets that will look equally nice from one holiday to the next. Stay neutral with your colors and then let table linens do the heavy lifting to keep it in line with whatever season you’re celebrating. Dinnerware that features inspirational thoughts is always appropriate, regardless of the season.


Work on Your Accent

It’s all those little extras that really turn your house into something special every season. Use decorative accents to your advantage and choose ones that can make the transition every season the best. Serving trays, vases, and baskets are all good choices that can hold whatever seasonal element you like.

Wooden Candle Holder

Get a Bright Idea

There are many gorgeous ways to decorate with candles. Take wooden candleholders and fill the trays with seasonal elements. Pick pinecones, leaves, and small gourds in the fall, and then switch them out for greenery, holly, and red ribbons for the holidays. The possibilities are endless year-round!


Take a Seat

Your dining room can play its part in your seasonal decorating thanks to super easy to use dining chair slipcovers. Pick a few sets, one for fall and one for winter, or try mixing and matching them. Use the green or gold from fall and mix with red for the holidays. Match your overall color palette for the season. Finish with a ribbon or decorative accent.


Tie One On

There are so many door wreaths to choose from, but try picking one with an eye toward how well it can transition from fall into the holidays. Go heavy on greenery and natural elements like grapevine or burlap. And look for blooms that seem right for either holiday. Change out a hanging ribbon to better match the time period.

Mirrored Tray

Make a Presentation

Whether you’re serving up game time snacks or guest room extras, a mirrored serving tray can look beautiful and makes a perfect place to showcase a bit of the season – a sprig of holly, a seasonal candle, or a small silver bowl of potpourri adds the final touch.


Hold Everything

Those whimsical decorative accent pieces, like a rolling flower cart, that you can change out its contents for every season or mood are perfect transition pieces. Fill it with pumpkins, corn stalks, and potted plants in the fall. Then switch to greenery, pinecones, and welcoming snowmen for the holidays. It’s the ultimate in versatility!


Go Light

Strings of lights make an illuminating addition to any room. Choose light strings that can transition well, like metallic pinecones or gold stars. Both options could easily work within your seasonal home décor for both fall and holiday times!

Easy Transition from Fall to Holiday Decorations

Once the holidays are upon us, it is time to transition from harvest to an even more festive time!

Fall Poinsettia Care

Pumpkins to Poinsettias

Swap out your pumpkins and sunflowers for reindeer and a poinsettia wreath and garland. Your front porch is an ideal place to set the holiday tone with these iconic accents of the season.

Christmas Quilt

Prep for Guests

This is the time of year for that spare guest room to shine. Welcome guests by adding a Christmas quilt to the guest bed and decorative Christmas shower curtains in the guest bath. A gorgeous holiday garland vining around a headboard or along a windowsill sets a festive mood.


Light the Holidays

Think beyond stringing lights on a tree. A few well-placed lanterns on side tables or along stairways bring just the right amount of illumination to the occasion, while a lighted Santa wall hanging adds a warm glow to guest-filled evening gatherings.

Christmas Wall Art

Add Holiday Cheer to Your Living Room

You don’t have to buy a whole new set of living room furniture to update your space. Instead, toss a snowball quilt or throw on your sofa along with a scattering of holiday throw pillows. Add new chair covers to your dining room seating and switch out wall art for Santa’s words of holiday cheer.

Christmas Dinnerware

Set the Table

A shift in color palette makes all the difference in transitioning seasons. Get out your Christmas dinnerware and add napkins, tablecloths or placemats in the season’s favorite reds, greens or whites. Add a touch of silver or gold when you need things to sparkle.

Plan Now to Entertain Later

Once you’ve added all the right pieces of seasonal home décor, be sure to think ahead to those times when you will be entertaining. Stock up on serving trays and dinnerware, and look for menu inspiration ideas to entertain your guests.

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