Add the Right Touch to Your Bathroom Decor

Do the coming holidays include invitations for family and friends to your home. Whether they are staying overnight, or just visiting for a festive gathering, now is the time to take stock in how you can fix up your guest bathroom and make their visit feel extra special.

Add Color and Pattern

A shower curtain is a great place to start when you’re freshening up a bathroom’s typically smaller space. Choose one with a color or pattern that gives it new life. Matching window treatments, an attractive rug and thick, cozy towels in the same color palette bring the whole look together. Be sure to replace the shower liner with a fresh one, too!

Bathroom Mirror

Mirror Mirror

Is it time to swap out an old bathroom mirror? (Particularly one that came from the builder’s uninspiring stock.) Mirrors are a great way to add style and personality to your space. Are you going for country chic, subtle elegance, all-natural beauty? Whatever your style, you will be pleasantly surprised how this one simple addition will make a big impact.

Bathroom Storage

Tidy Up

The small space of a bathroom is no place for clutter. Utilize a stylish bathroom storage unit that fits right over the toilet to wrangle all those bath supplies while keeping everything looking sharp. Be sure to provide those little luxuries that make a visit feel extra special, like lotion, shampoo and mini soaps.

Bathroom Wall Art

Wall Wake-Up Call

It can be easy to forget about decorating your walls here, but bathroom wall art is one of the easiest ways to update the room with added color and style. Choose a single inspiring piece or hang a trio of prints that showcase some of your favorite things.

Bath TowelsLuxury Linens

Nothing will make your guests feel more at home, than a set of big fluffy bath towels that are reminiscent of their last spa experience. Invest in a set or two of towels that are reserved just for your special guests. Towels brand new? Be sure to wash them a few times to make them their fluffiest and get rid of any lingering lint.

Decorative ShelfBe Creative

Consider a different take on the usual. For instance, towels need a place to hang, but that doesn’t have to be a standard towel bar. Instead, look for a shelf in a unique motif that features towel hooks as an alternative.

flameless candles

Create Ambiance

No bathroom would be complete without some special lighting. Add a tiny table lamp on the countertop, or arrange a set of flameless candles to the counter, shelves or nearby window ledge. You will love the warm glow without the worry of anything catching fire!

Now…on to the Guest Room.

You have your guest bathroom all fixed up. Now turn your attention to the guest bedroom next with these inspiring room ideas.