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Congrats to Our 2013 Holiday Décor Sweepstakes Winner

The Country Door Team traveled to Ohio for the 2013 Holiday Decor Sweepstakes Winner! Country Door product transformed their Front Porch, Living Room and Dining Room. See the winners’ reactions as they walk through their newly decorated home.

Watch the Transformation


Holiday Decor Sweepstakes 2013 Winner


Our Country Door Team hard at work


Country Door 2013 Holiday Decor Sweepstakes After Photos

2013 Holiday Decor Sweepstakes

Congrats again to our 2013 winner. To find out more about Country Door’s Holiday Decor Sweepstakes, visit our website.

Comments (3)

fabulous!! Lucky Winners!

Wow is there something wrong with winning in California or it just for the Midwest states I have tried for two years but I guess it!s what you say why Christmas is special to you I thought I wrote pretty good reasons!! Oh well I tried!! I am not a sore loser but the many times you have had this contest I notice where people are winning from the Midwest

Hi Lucinda,
Sorry to disappoint this year – Our sweepstakes winners are drawn completely at random and the answer to the question does not increase or decrease your chances of winning. We wish you luck in any of our future sweepstakes!
-The Country Door Team

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