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Create Your Own Outdoor Paradise

Create Your Own Outdoor Paradise

You’ve been cooped up inside for far too long. Mother Nature has worked her wonders and the weather is now cooperating to entice you away from your cozy inside digs. Head outside and make your outdoor living area a place all your own.

Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Lavish Retreat with these Stylish Updates

Keep Things Neat on Your Feet

We often forget about framing our seating spaces with an outdoor rug, but it can instantly elevate your outdoor space to feel more inviting and comfortable.

Illuminate With Soft Light

The days are longer and we are encouraged to linger well into the evening hours in our outdoor spaces. Hang orbs of light from beams and overhangs or place candles of varying heights at the center of a table.

Make It Cozy

Use water-resistant outdoor curtains to bring privacy to your outdoor space. Toss in a few matching outdoor throw pillows. Have a luxuriously soft throw on hand to cover shoulders when the evenings get chilly.

Add Some Art

Don’t leave those outdoor walls bare! Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own unique personal style with a colorful print or an outdoor clock to keep track of the time.

Get Relaxed

Make your outdoor space inviting with a seating set that’s reminiscent of summer evenings spent on the family porch as a child – only now all updated for today’s lifestyle.

Store It

You might not think about needing storage outside, but add simple set of shelves and see how quickly you’ll fill it up with things you like to keep handy — from candles and floral centerpieces to your favorite book or a basket of napkins. A deck cooler is a perfect addition to keep drinks cold all day.

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