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9 Decorating Tips Inspired by Nature

Nature Inspired Home Decor

Mother Nature knows a little something about beautiful design. Just look at her vast spectrum of elements, her many creatures and a color palette inspired by sunrises and earthly wonders. Be inspired by nature to create a home filled with individual style. Bring in the textures and colors that you love most from the great outdoors for a perfect retreat all your own.

  1. Use area rugs with leaf or floral patterns throughout your home to create a warm and intimate look.
  2. Add the texture of a natural vine wreath with blooming flowers, artwork featuring birds or a botanical print.
  3. Place vases, natural vine decorative orbs and twig bowls on occasional tables and fireplace mantles.
  4. Arrange branches of bamboo with Capiz shells in a tall vase.
  5. Tuck rustic wood trunks or hand-woven baskets into corners or on bookshelves.
  6. Let natural light filter through hand-blown glass t o create a soft, watery glimmer.
  7. Create an indoor garden oasis with decorative hanging birdcages, blooming flowers in a Euro-chic ceramic jug and cheery birds.
  8. Use tabletop fountains indoors to create a sense of tranquility.
  9. Arrange ocean treasures in oversized glass vases or display an array of beautiful seashells, starfish and ocean-blue glass balls to create a coastal, nautical touch.

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