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Embrace the Versatility of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Embrace the Versatility of Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs Combine Style And Functionality That Can Go Everywhere!

When the weather starts working in out favor, the great outdoors calls. We can’t help but find ways to extend out living and entertaining space to outside, from backyard patios to covered porches and verandas. As you design your outdoor living space, be sure to include the ever-important indoor/outdoor rug. Not only for how it pulls its weight in the style department, but also how it serves practical duty as well.

Define Your Space

You might be tempted to go straight to sprucing up your seating area with furniture, but start from the ground up by adding an outdoor area rug that is made to withstand the added elements of being outside. The moment you add the area rug to the footprint, the space feels livable and inviting. Plus, with the variety of patterns and colors available in today’s outdoor rugs, you can use this to your style advantage.

Bring on the Elements

Typically, outdoor rugs are fade-resistant, weatherproof, waterproof and made of a polypropylene blend that ups their durability quotient. So you don’t have to worry about drips and spills, and clean up with the nearby garden hose is actually encouraged.

Take It Inside

Why not take all the style and versatility of your outdoor rugs, inside? It’s becoming popular now to utilize these stain-resistant, stylish rugs inside, especially in high-traffic, or high spill areas, such as the foyer, kitchen or playroom, where durability is a must-have.


Gone are the days when plastic green fake-turf rugs were the extent of your choices. Today’s options provide a soft, inviting texture in an array of colors. The non-skid surface of outdoor rugs does a great job of maintaining floor temperature when you bring your outdoor rug inside.

How To Clean an Indoor/Outdoor Rug?

It is important if you want your outdoor rug to last, you need to be sure to clean and store it properly. Check out this outdoor rug cleaning article for more tips.

How do you use indoor/outdoor rugs in your decorating?

Using the comment section below, share with us how you’ve put indoor/outdoor rugs to work in your home.

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