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Home Decorating Tips: Coastal Home Décor

Home Decorating Tips: Coastal Home Décor

Channel Your Inner Beach House With a Coastal Theme

You don’t have to own a beach by the bay to enjoy the laid-back style of the coastal look. In fact, this comfortable, barefoot-inspiring vibe can be an easy one to incorporate no matter how many miles away from shoreline you may find yourself. Here, we share how to make it yours. Dive in!

Decorating Tips for Going Coastal

  • Skip the shiny stuff and instead think about soft, chalky textures, washed woods, and finishes that suggest that they’ve spent plenty of time in the tide.
  • A console table where you can showcase beach-worthy accent pieces will serve you well.
  • Light, bright and natural — keep these key elements in mind at every point of your decorating and you can’t go wrong. A room flooded in soft whites, pale blues and layers of creamy light beige instantly give your space that open beach house kind of feel.
  • When it comes to framed wall art, there are so many options to support your coastal look: vintage swimsuits, sand dollars, starfish, words of wisdom only a sea captain could give and beach combing birds, just to name a few.
  • A nautical-inspired decorative clock will keep track of time and add a ship-shape accent to the space.
  • Layer in natural textures wherever you can, such as a sea grass area rug, a rope table lamp or a set of woven baskets. Your décor choices should feel as though they could stand up to salty air and ever-present sand, even if you’re nowhere near a coastline.
  • Embrace the openness of a coastal room by streamlining your space as much as possible and clearing out clutter. Utilize double duty furniture pieces such as a wicker storage ottoman that can hold all the extras.
  • Decorative lanterns look right at home in a costal room without feeling like you’ve gone overboard. Ones that can harbor light for evening ambiance, as well as looking stylish are even better.
  • Pair crisp nautical stripes with a white color palette and you’ve set a perfect foundation for any coastal theme.

How will you go coastal?

Tell us how you plan on adding a coastal look to your living space in the comment section below. We are always inspired by your style!

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  1. My wife and I just bought a house and she wants to decorate it right away. I hadn’t thought about keeping the decorations light, bright, and natural, I can see why this is a good thing to keep in mind. I will ask my wife if she knows about this so she decorates the way she wants.

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