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Home Decorating Tips: Create a Reading Nook

Create a Reading Nook

7 Ideas for Creating Your Own Reading Nook

Every one can carve out a small space in your home where you can escape with a good book. Whether it’s a window seat in a guest room, a small corner or a hidden alcove, you can turn any small area into a cozy destination that is custom made for a page turner and a good cup of tea.

Pinpoint Your Space – The first step toward making your perfect reading nook is identifying a space that will work. You can dedicate a small section of a bigger room simply by moving a big chair and small table to its own area that’s clearly set apart from the rest of the space. Or find an unused corner of your home, maybe in an oversized landing, a hallway, or a small alcove.

Get Cozy – The first item that you need for a reading nook is a reclining chair or comfy reading chair. Pick one that you could easily wile away a few hours digging into several chapters and stay comfortable.

Create a Library – Bookshelves nearby turns into your own personal library where you can peruse titles, reference other books and have your latest book club picks on hand whenever the itch to read hits, or when time allows.

Table It – A small side table will serve you well as a place to set down your latest book and keep a cup of tea on hand as you read.

Reading Light – You don’t want to be straining to see the words on the page, so try to locate your reading nook near a window that can provide some natural light. In addition, add a table lamp to that side table you have, so that you can happily read into the wee hours.

Put Your Feet Up – If your big comfy chair isn’t quite big enough to easily put your feet up, then consider adding an ottoman to your nook. It will serve as a great place to put up your feet or it will give your family pet its own pedestal when they decide to join you for a few chapters.

Relax! – Plenty of comfy pillows, a warm throw and an aromatic candle can add just the right finishing touch to your reading nook’s mood. Make this your place that is welcoming and comfortable, and ultimately all about you.

What makes your reading nook special?

Share with us how you have made your own reading nook uniquely yours. Snap a photo and share your tip with us in the comment section below.

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