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Kitchen Nook Decorating Ideas

Create Your Own Cozy Breakfast Nook With These Decorating Ideas

There is nothing like the quaint charm of a kitchen nook. How do you make your own breakfast nook? All you need is a little bit of space in your kitchen where you can dedicate room for a small table, a couple of chairs and a few accessories to make it feel inviting and the perfect landing spot for coffee with a friend or to page through a good book. This lovely little spot is not restricted to breakfast hours. It’s a wonderful place to have a chat with a friend, or some solitary time in the afternoon to catch up on mail, or flip through magazines.

Small kitchen areas can be spatially challenging, especially when you are looking to add an extra dining area. Good news – the breakfast nook is a perfect way to create a space where you can enjoy your morning coffee even when you don’t have a lot of space to work with! Just look at these great ways to create your very own breakfast nook.

Breakfast Nook Tables

A small table for two is all you need. Pick a small pedestal table or a drop-leaf table so you can expand it when you need a little extra space. There are a variety of styles to choose from, so be sure to pick one that has the personality for this adorable new space that you will call your own.

Dining Chair Slipcover

Breakfast Room Decor

Two chairs are all you need, which means that you can dress them down or up as much as you want. Mix and match two completely different styles for an eclectic shabby chic look, or add dining chair covers in a floral print to make them feel extra special and unique from the rest of your space.

Kitchen Lighting - Metal and Crystal Chandelier

Breakfast Nook Lighting

Shed some light on your new kitchen nook with a hanging pendant lamp centered over your table. It will provide much-needed light and give this new nook area its own focus at the same time.

Tulip Kitchen Wreath

Add a Seasonal Touch

Show off the blooms of the season with a healthy dose of flowers. Fill a vase with fresh-cut stems or add a few potted geraniums on a nearby window ledge. Add a swag of floral garland along a window valance or a high shelf.

Kitchen Hutch Shelving

Fill Your Space

When space allows, be sure to include a storage shelf or a kitchen shelving that can hold all the essentials that you would like to have close by. Whether it’s cookbooks, a place to hold mail, or whatever inspires you, a pretty hutch or set of shelves will add the perfect touch.

Bright Floral Toss Kitchen Rug

Accent Your Space

A few small accents can add a nice touch. Think about vintage-inspired finds that can serve double duty, like a decorative pitcher that doubles as a vase. A small kitchen rug can help define your space beautifully as well.

Kitchen Nook


Small and Tall

What if you don’t have a place to create a kitchen nook? Then take advantage of the kitchen countertop and belly up to the breakfast bar! Create an eating place where there wasn’t one before with the addition of a couple of swivel bar chairs. From contemporary to vintage, there are lots of styles. Choose one without a back that can tuck under the counter easily if that helps you master the space best. Set placemats at each bar chair to help define the space as an eating area. Hang a wall organizer nearby to make the space feel bigger and create a morning-central kind of focus.

Kitchen Slipcovers

Cozy and Quaint

You don’t need a full-size table to create a kitchen nook. In fact, this is where small can feel cozy and inviting! Choose a small round pedestal table where at least two people can sit. Add a pop of color with dining chair slipcovers on your chairs. This shows off the space and helps set it apart in its own unique way. A small footprint calls for creative storage. Let storage cubbies keep everything you need, from kitchen linens to serving ware, close at hand.

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would the scroll shutters work in a dining room window ? I am working on a French design and do not want a curtain.

Hi Jan, Thanks for your question. Yes, the scroll shutters would work to hang on either side of a dining room window.

Your cozy breakfast area was really something. I actually could picture me there enjoying my bagel and coffee; reading the newspaper as well. The brightness with the windows brings added light to the room and makes it that much more charming. Thanks for posting this.

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