Home Decorative Accents

Adding reflective accent pieces is an age-old interior designer trick that works wonders for any room. Use it to your best advantage to add light, and a reflective glow to your space.

  • Start with the most obvious choice – an accent mirror. A large-sized one strategically placed over your living room sofa will instantly make the room feel grand and open. Gather a collection of mirrors with decorative frames or delicate etching along a wall for a curated look or place a few in a narrow corner to brighten it up. Prop up a tall horizontal mirror that fills up at least three quarters of a wall to expand the feeling of a room’s space. It’s an ideal way to add visual interest to a minimally decorated space and works especially well in apartments or small spaces.
  • Hanging a mirror in a spot that will reflect a nearby window gives the illusion that there is another window in the room. Cover an entire wall with a mirror to double the look of the space – be sure that the reflections it creates will maximize the space and not create blinding problems. (For instance, be sure to check how that might play out around sunset when the light will hit the mirror.)
  • Add items that reflect light, such as mirrors, glass tables and crystal light fixtures to brighten up the mood of a room.
  • Mirrors don’t corner the market when it comes to reflective decorative elements. Glass-top tables open up your space just as well, as do crystal light fixtures and accent pieces. Think vases, chandeliers, figurines and picture frames. Pairing candles up alongside mirrors will also double the glow thanks to the reflective qualities. All these tips are wonderful ways to be reflective no matter what your decorating style may be!

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