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Home Interior Decorating Tips to Coordinate Your Space

Create Your Own Signature Style

Relax! You don’t have to be a design pro to create a signature style and coordinate a complete pulled-together feel to your room. A few tips and tricks are all you need to guide you toward the right look that is ideal for you. We will fill you in on the perfect accent piece, how to soften the look of a room and even how to give new life to older items. Get ready for a whole new room!

Coordinating a Room

Don’t let the fear of coordinating a room put you in a panic! Here are a few ideas to help you:

  1. A minimum of three fabrics, in mixed patterns and complementary colors, will achieve that “designer” look.
  2. A dramatic floral can be a pretty accent or the centerpiece of the room when grounded with coordinating stripes and solids.
  3. Don’t draw attention to just one area. Dress up a plain sofa with a mix of solid and patterned accent pillows, or use colorful curtains to bring the room together.

Side Table

Accent Tables Add Comfort

Make any chair or sofa more inviting by ensuring that it has a side table. The addition of a side table encourages guests to bring their cup of coffee and get comfortable.

wall decor

Repurposed Items

Look beyond the obvious when decorating. Imagine gates paired together to create height in a room as wall decor, or place them around windows as shutters. Go horizontal with them and you have a unique headboard.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Soften the Look

Make your bedroom romantic and feminine. Choosing a soft color palette, adding chenille paired with updated florals adds just the right amount of romance in this retreat.

Decorative Accessories

Old is New

Add warmth and character to your home by selecting items with distressed finishes. Mixing weathered furnishings with crisp, new decorative accessories gives an eclectic vibe to a room without making it looked perfectly staged.

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