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One Accent Piece. Multiple Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas to Accent Your Home

Have a favorite accent piece? Move it around your house and see how it can bring its personality to various rooms in different ways. When you change their orientation on the wall it gives them a new look. Take a set of inspiring angel wings for example.

Bedroom Accent Pieces


Let them serve as a focal point over the headboard of your bed.

Hallway Accent Pieces


Provide contrast to a small table and breathe new life to a narrow hallway.

Reading Nook Accent Pieces

Reading Nook

Pair with complementary wall art near a reading nook to help define that space.

Living Room Accent Pieces

Living Room

Bring visual focus to a usually overlooked corner of the living room.

Need More Inspiration?

Whether you’re tired of your old space or you’re moving into a new one, here are inspiring room ideas to help you decorate your home.

Comments (3)

I would like to know these are and is there any more available?

Where do you purchase those angel wings?

Thank you

Hi Gale,
You can purchase the Angel Wings from Country Door here.
Thanks for commenting!
-The Country Door Team

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