Home Decorating Tips: Spring Decor

Home Decorating Tips: Spring Decor

Spring Décor Begins With Bright Hues Nothing will wake up your home décor more than the addition of an energetic color palette that embraces springtime. Make a bold statement by adding one vibrant accent piece to your room. Spring Decor Tips: This decor-friendly color blends well with other nature-based hues and brings an air of […]

Country Kitchen Decor Worth Crowing About

Country Kitchen Decor Worth Crowing About

Rooster Décor for Cozy Kitchens No other bird seems more at home in the kitchen than the perennial rooster. You’ll find his inspiration on everything from wall décor to kitchen canisters to serving ware and teacups. His presence adds a welcoming air to the heart of your home with just a few interesting pieces. Ready […]

One Accent Piece. Multiple Home Decorating Ideas.

One Accent Piece. Multiple Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating Ideas to Accent Your Home Have a favorite accent piece? Move it around your house and see how it can bring its personality to various rooms in different ways. When you change their orientation on the wall it gives them a new look.Take a set of inspiring angel wings for example. Bedroom Let them serve as […]

Plants Indoors

Bring Plants Indoors for the Winter

Enjoy Healthy and Happy Houseplants All Winter Long Is the weather starting to threaten your outdoor potted plants? When the night temperatures dip to below 45 – 48 degree Fahrenheit, it’s time to bring them inside. Before you bring your plants indoors, double check that they don’t have any small insects like aphids or spider […]


Tips & Solutions for Using and Caring for Candles

Candle Tips and Tricks Whenever you want to bring a warm glow to your décor, decorative candles make a perfect addition. Consider these handy tips when it comes to storing and caring for your candles so you get the most out of them. Plus, be inspired with a creative candle idea that will bring candlelight […]

Home Décor Accents

Tips & Solutions – Home Décor Accents

One home décor accent. Multiple ways. Decorating accents prove to be valuable additions to your room, but they prove even more worthy when they can be versatile and used in multiple rooms depending on your mood. Candleholders The beautiful glow of candlelight looks equally at home in a bedroom as it does in a kitchen […]

How to Tie Your Decorating Together with Color Schemes

How to Tie Your Decorating Together with Color Schemes

Room Decorating Color Schemes Repeating your color palette throughout the room will tie your decor all together. The key to keeping it from looking too “matchy-match” is to vary shades, patterns and textures in your color scheme. When accessorizing with throw pillows, vases, area rugs, etc. in the same color palette as the room, be […]

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Small Laundry Room Ideas

Smart Solutions for Small Laundry Room Storage Laundry rooms are rarely known for their expansive size. Quite to the contrary, they are usually tucked into a small space and demand creativity when it comes to storage solutions. Lucky for us, that when you’re ready to do a laundry makeover, there are plenty of small laundry […]

Home Interior Design Ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas That Marry Color with Personality

Use Color to Bring Out Your Personality in Your Home Décor You already know what colors you gravitate toward. Just look at your wardrobe, the color of your car, and the general hue of your dinnerware. A quick inventory will squarely put you in either the warm or cool side of the color wheel. So, […]

living room set and bookcases bedroom set and quilts bathroom tub pics

Decorate With Color

General Color Guidelines for Decorating It never fails- you’re ready to transform a room and you quickly get stuck just trying to figure out a color palette. What colors match? How do you choose a palette? Which colors then make good accents? It’s enough to make you throw down all those paint chips and swatches […]