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Tips & Solutions – Home Décor Accents

Rack of seven hanging amber colored glass bottles holding lit votives, above a wood console, by three skeleton key frames.

One home décor accent. Multiple ways.

Decorating accents prove to be valuable additions to your room, but they prove even more worthy when they can be versatile and used in multiple rooms depending on your mood.



The beautiful glow of candlelight looks equally at home in a bedroom as it does in a kitchen nook and so many other spaces. In fact, lighting accents are one of the more versatile décor pieces giving you multiple choices when it comes to changing up your décor anywhere in your home.

Unique mirrors

Heart Mirrors

A mirror in a lovely heart shape serves as a multitalented accent piece that feels equally at home in just about every room. Hang it on a bedroom wall to add a touch of romantic charm (guest rooms are a particularly nice place for this one!). Let it be a whimsical welcome in your foyer or add interest to a gathering of wall art or a collage of framed photos in a living room.

4 thoughts on “Tips & Solutions – Home Décor Accents

  1. I love the things the store sells. I live in Pa so I cannot visit often. Do you still have a catalog? thank you

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for commenting. Please follow this link to request a catalog: You can always shop our website at!

  2. I just love the ideas from Country Door. I have a tiny apartment and whenever some one comes over, the question I am always asked is “you should have been a decorator” my answer is always “I get most of my ideas from Country Door catalogs. Thanks for the decorating tips. I am 71 years old and still going strong.

    1. Hi Mary,
      That is so great to hear! We love getting feedback from our readers and are especially happy you enjoy our ideas!

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