Candle Tips and Tricks

Whenever you want to bring a warm glow to your décor, decorative candles make a perfect addition. Consider these handy tips when it comes to storing and caring for your candles so you get the most out of them. Plus, be inspired with a creative candle idea that will bring candlelight to any room. How’s that for bright ideas!

Creative Candles

Don’t toss out those pretty tins, heat-resistant jars or the seashells you collected from your last trip. Instead, use them as homemade candleholders. Simply place a votive or tea light candle in their centers and then pour hot, melted wax around them until these charming containers are full. Or, partially fill with sand to anchor your votive candle.

How to Use Candles

Candles that are cold will burn slower, so wrap each candle in foil or cling wrap and pop them in the fridge for about an hour before lighting. Don’t freeze them or they’ll break. For pillar candles, make sure you burn them for at least one hour for every inch in diameter. Skip this step and you’ll end up burning a tunnel through your candle. Trim your wick to 1/4 inch or less each time you burn your candle. Not doing so can result in a smoky burn. Protect your candle from drafts. Drafts cause incomplete and uneven combustion. Keep the wax pool free of match heads, pieces of wick, etc. It’s unsightly and somewhat dangerous. Straighten your wicks. Wicks curl and lean to one side as the candle burns, causing uneven heating and smoke. Always place candles in a candleholder that is heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to contain drips from melted wax.

Candle Storage

Candles will fade if left in the light for an extended time. Storing your extra candles in a cool, dark place will make them burn longer. When candles get warm they release their fragrance. Store jar candles with the lid firmly closed to preserve the scent.  And besides, they’ll always be close at hand.