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Magical Memories Sweepstakes

Christmas…a time for family and friends to celebrate together, a time to create memories that will last a lifetime. Share your most memorable holiday moments with us and ENTER the Magical Memories Sweepstakes for a chance to win one of two holiday gift bundles.

Congratulations to the winner:

Anne S. from Alabama

Thoughtful gifts, family togetherness and magical moments.
Thank you for sharing some of your special “Magical Moments” with us.

“I grew up in an extended family one house and lots of relatives. We shared everything even the one phone on my aunt Katie’s floor. Christmas was the best not to mention the other holidays because there was so much snow, it made the world feel so much smaller and more connected with my family which is something I try to recapture now during the holidays. That feeling of closeness to each other and joy in each other is hard now with so many of the relatives gone but I try to instill it in our newest members of the family. Christmas is family and singing in the children’s choir for Christmas eve mass and walking home in the dark with snow all around and quiet all around and the feeling of true love and peace. I will never forget that feeling nor the people who showed me the love of family, working together, laughing together, and just being together. I have a pictures of these times and I have titled them Heaven because this is what I see heaven as now, all of us together again and sharing our Christmas meal and the snow keeping our world small.”  – Carole M.

“Each year since our grand daughter was born we have made so many special memories…baking, decorating indoors and outdoors. This has made our family stronger with each passing year. So many memories to add to the ones that we had when our children were little. Our granddaughter is at our house as often as she is at her own…living next door to her Gramma and Papa..She is seven now and we can’t even imagine a time that she wasn’t around. She is the light of our life and our little angel.”   – Ann V.

“Having my children and grandchildren here to spend the day. Watching them open their gifts and grandchildren open all the little gifts in their stockings from Santa. Remembering why we celebrate the day. It is Baby Jesus birthday.”  – Bobbie T.

“My mother always went above board with Christmas decorating, music and sweets. It was like a child’s fantasy with lights and glitter everywhere. We didn’t have a lot of money but she’d make each day in December magical. My brothers and I could hardly get home from school each day to see what was the new addition to the decor or to bake goodies with Mom. I’ve tried to continue these traditions with my children and grandchildren. The joy on your loved ones faces make every effort worth while.  – Amanda R.

“When my youngest son was small, we visited St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. His Grandpa had died that year and he was very close to him. There in the midst of hundreds of poinsettias we gazed upon the life size nativity …he looked up & asked if he could light a candle for his grandpa in heaven. Perfect holiday moment.”   – Betsy M.

“The Holidays are very special to me. All of our lives are very busy but we all make an effort to make it home for the holidays. I now have a granddaughter who I want to pass down the love and wonder of the Holidays. Sharing with family and friends, how we feel about each other. During the holidays it is important to tell and show how much you love each other. Life goes by so quickly. You might not say I Love You during our busy lives, but during the Holidays make sure you show and tell your family and friends I Love You.”   – Joanne M.

“Each year growing up in a small Eastern Oregon town, Christmas time was magical at our house. Outside decorating started a month early…by Christmas is was a Holly Jolly wonderland creation by my parents. One of the homes, people would drive by slowly in the country during the season.”  – Traci S.

“My parents always made Christmas so special even when money was tight. Putting the tree up was a family affair. We had one of those silver trees that you put each individual branch on one at a time and then you directed rotating lights at it so it changed color. Every year we got a new ornament to put on the tree.”  – Julie Bower

“My most precious memories – One Christmas eve, my son and his wife were exchanging gifts, when I open mine, there were two bibs that read …….I love Grandma ……I love Grandpa. It was the most wonderful news to hear that you are going to be a grandparent……I will never forget that day, it was snowing and everything felt magical…….True to word, a grandchild will fill the spot in your heart that you never knew you had. That was my most memorial Christmas.” – Katherine W.

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I would have like to read the stories on the magical memories contest. I put one in and I would love to see it in print so i can share it with my family.

Hi Carole,
We may be posting some of the comments received to the winners’ page on Facebook – Stay tuned!

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