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Craft the Perfect Craft Room

Craft the Perfect Craft Room

Spark Your Creativity With These Craft Room Ideas

Are you the very definition of DIY? Are you the one that everyone looks to when there is something cool and crafty needed? Or that one-of-a-kind Halloween costume needs a seamstress? Then a craft room is probably a much-used (or much-needed) part of your home. Amp up its organizational skills with a few key pieces that will keep things tidy and give you room to create your masterpieces.

Small Desk

Keep It Clear

Choose a small desk that has just the right amount of space for you to work comfortably. The key here is to resist the temptation to put things on top of it. Keep it nice and open and let shelves, bins and storage pieces do the work of holding all your goodies in their places.

 Storage Cabinet

Contain Yourself

Choosing the right storage containers will make all the difference. Do you need lots of little drawers to hold a wealth of small items, like beads, feathers, buttons, clips, etc? Or do you need big deep drawers to hold heavy fabrics and bulky items? Be sure to select a storage cabinet with the right kind of drawers and shelving for your specific needs.

Sewing Room Furniture

Just a Stitch

If you are one with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, then you know that sewing spaces demand some unique solutions. Choose sewing room furniture that gives you room to unfold fabrics and patterns so you can work easily with them. Keep a space for an ironing board or install a cabinet that neatly hides one away and lets you pop it when you need it. Wall storage where you can easily display and access small tools is incredibly handy.

Memo Board

Stay Inspired

Instructions, patterns, swatches of fabric and photos of completed projects all belong on a memo board, so that you can have one place to collect your thoughts. It also makes a great place to stick a spare sewing needle or pin when you need to wrangle one out of the way!

Wall Mounted Shelving

Use Space Wisely

Whether you craft room is space challenged or loaded with square footage, smart use of storage space will serve you well. Consider wall mounted shelving with open cubbies to keep things in eyesight while staying organized. Or you can keep things looking tidy when you line shelves with filled storage bins – this is a great way to wrangle in all those many pieces and parts that make crafting so fun!

Task Lighting

Shed Some Light on It

Don’t forget about having the right kind of lighting so you can see your work. Make sure you have task lamps near work areas, and plenty of overhead lighting as well, to keep shadows at bay and ensure that the colors you see are true for the crafts you are working on.

Contemporary Area Rug

Take the Floor

Now that you have a workspace that is organized and tidy, give your room a little boost of personality by adding a contemporary area rug. This helps tie the room to the rest of your living areas, defines your space and serves as a great catchall for small crafting supplies, like beads and embellishments, so they don’t fall into the abyss of your wall-to-wall carpet.

How Did You DIY?

Show us how you organized and decorated your craft room space. Snap a picture and share with us your favorite parts!

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Published on Nov 03 2015

Last Updated on Jul 23 2019

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