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Home Lighting Ideas

Our Top Tips for Lighting Your Home

The difference between a well-lit room and one that is lacking, is usually glaring. A well-lit room will feel comfortable and inviting and you won’t feel like you can’t see when it’s necessary. On the other hand, you won’t feel like you’re in an interrogation room either. It’s all about balance and you’ll find these handy tips will help you shed light on making brilliant lighting choices.

Embrace the Dimmer

Dimmer switches are your best friend when it comes to setting the mood. As the light of the day changes, it’s wonderful to have a dimmer switch on overhead lights so that you can adjust as the natural light does. In the evening, lower the dimmer, so that you can let candles and accent lights shine. Or turn them up to broadly spill light everywhere in your space. Dimmer switches are not exclusive to hard-wired lights. Go ahead and add one to a table lamp or floor lamp so that you can control these accent lights too.

In the Dining Room

The overhead light over your dining table should serve as your main light. Chandeliers and pendant lamps make great choices. Be sure to hang it about 36 to 48 inches above the table. The closer to the table, the more intimate the light. Choose a fixture that is about one half the width of the table to prevent it from casting shadows on your guests. Don’t feel like you have to rely solely on that overhead light. Add a pair of petite table lamps on your sideboard or several wall sconces to bring in that lovely accent lighting that gives the room an overall glow.

In the Bedroom

This is one place in your home where you can utilize table lamps and sconces in your favor. When you want reading light in bed, height is everything. The shade of your table lamp should fall about 18 inches from the top of your mattress (or somewhere between your head and the pages of your book). Other great options include mounted reading lamps that hang over the top of your headboard.

In the Kitchen

The task-centered kitchen calls for several distinct lighting solutions. Light your key work areas well, so that you are not straining to see while you chop veggies. Under-cabinet lights illuminate dark corners. Pendant lights add a stylish way to light up countertops and add light to bar areas. A small, charming lamp can add personality to your countertop as well.

The Bulbs Have It

Choosing the right light bulb is just as important as choosing the right light fixture. Bulbs with a metallic finish on the top of the bulb will soften the light and are ideal when the bulb is exposed. For a rosy glow that makes everything look lovely, choose a soft pink bulb. If your décor is rustic, try a modern bulb that looks old fashioned, with visible filaments and a vintage shape. And generally, steer clear of fluorescent bulbs.

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