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Tips for a Healthy Indoor Herb Garden

Tips for a Healthy Indoor Herb Garden

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Make your herbs span the seasons with an indoor herb garden. Don’t let them die off at the end of the growing season. Instead put them in a planter and bring them into the house, into a sunny spot that gets 4-5 hours of direct light from the sun. Mint, rosemary, bay leaf, savory, oregano, chive, basil and thyme are the easiest to grow indoors.

Water them infrequently; herbs typically prefer to be on the dry side. When you water, be sure the water gets to the entire root system.

Clip them regularly to encourage new growth. You can also trim them into topiary shapes (especially Rosemary) and make them a decorative accent in kitchen or living areas. Decorate them with ornaments for the holidays—and don’t forget to pick, snip and cut them for fresh flavor any time!


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