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Tips & Solutions – Home Decorating Tips

A collection of gray and blue floral stoneware on a mantle with a white doily over a green check cloth.

Customers Share Their Home Decorating Tips and Solutions

Ever visit a home and see a completely original decorating idea? They usually come from the most unexpected of ideas. Just take a look at the ingenious home decorating tips that our own Country Door customers have shared with us that show how thinking outside the norm can produce beautiful results!

Decorating with Napkins or Placemats

Beautiful napkins are a great way to add a splash of color to your home. Dimply hang them diagonally over a door, kitchen cupboard or a cabinet. Try looking for napkins online, at your local decorating stores or even at garage sales! Submitted by Roberta, New Hampshire

Storage Ideas for Tight Spaces

When storage space is tight, use an over-the-door shoe organizer (the pocket type) for keeping the necessities handy. I use one on the bathroom door for holding cosmetics, hair accessories and medications; and one on the bedroom door for lingerie, scarves and other personal items. Submitted by Carolyn Covington, KY.

Pet Bed From Old Pillows and Shams

I found a great use for old bed pillows and shams. My dog is very old and cannot jump on furniture anymore. I put the old pillow in the sham on the floor near the floor heating vent and the dog loves it. It can be easily washed as needed. Great for car rides also. Looks better than old rugs or blankets and doesn’t have the cedar smell that so many purchased dog beds have. Submitted by A. Baldwin, St. Charles, MO

Green Décor

“Green décor” doesn’t mean picking out an organic item at a pricey boutique. Sometimes the thrift store is the answer because you’re saving something from the landfill and giving it new life. Old throw pillows can be recovered or embellished. Worn towels can be fashioned into pet bedding. Look at a familiar item and think outside of the box.

Bathroom Storage and Decorating Ideas

Update Your Bathroom Seasonally

I love to decorate my bathroom seasonally. For spring, I had these beautiful cotton pieces (mostly used on top of bureaus) that I washed and ironed, then I placed them in my shabby bathroom. I added a rose and a pretty soap dish for some added color.

Squeeze the Most from Lemons

Take these three tasty tips to heart to get the most from your lemons. The larger the lemon, the sweeter the fruit. Thin-skinned lemons are the juiciest. To extract the most juice, microwave a whole lemon on high for 30 seconds, let it stand for a couple of minutes then cut or squeeze.

Simple and Easy Idea to Create Serving Accessories

There’s more to decorating with vases than just flowers. For a casual country spread, use a large vase to hold breadsticks, partially shucked corn or to keep colorful napkins within easy reach. Place a bowl bottom-up to raise a plastic container to the desired height. Then fill it with an arrangement that suits your entertaining needs.

What’s your decorating trick?

In the comments below, share with us your latest clever idea for decorating your home.

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