Giving Thanks for Home

Try These Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

It feels like between Halloween and Christmas, we skip over Thanksgiving decorating. The nice thing about front door decorating is that it gives you the opportunity to celebrate a season, event or holiday without hours of work. Today, let’s put Thanksgiving back where it belongs-front and center, on a front door.

Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

Do you have a narrow entrance? A smaller door and limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! You can still make a big statement. Uses these decorating tricks to maximize your door’s potential.



  1. Use garland and wreaths around the door. This frames the door and makes it the centerpiece. It also maximizes the space you have above and on the sides of the door.
  2. Stagger décor out along the sidewalk and porch. This elongates and expands your entrance creating the illusion of space.

Smaller items tend to get lost in the great outdoors. But you can still use them for decorating. In fact, a variety of sizes is recommended for more depth and dimension.



  1. More is better. This is a classic “go big or go home” moment.  Cluster a vignette on one side for a focal point.
  2. Elevate the small items. A table, barrel or crates is great. Try to get them closer to eye level.

You’ve heard of edible centerpieces? Take that concept and run with it! Create an edible display on your front porch that truly celebrates the bounty of the season.


  1. Shop in your garden…or at a farmer’s market! Take advantage of the beautiful seasonal gourds and squashes to decorate.
  2. Hosting a dinner party? Design a vegetable display in baskets-then use the vegetables for your meal!

Have you ever thought about decorating the wall leading up to your door? An empty wall inside your house would probably bother you. Sometimes big, empty wall space can suck up the holiday spirit.



  1. What do you have laying around? Baskets make a beautiful outdoor gallery wall.
  2. Gather greenery and create simple arrangements inside the baskets. This is easy to change out as well.
  3. Don’t forget a sign! Have fun with your decorating and let your personality show.

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