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Think Outside The Wreath

woman hanging a wreath that consists of a tool rules sign with toolbelt and other tool décor

Tired of the same old wreaths? There’s more than one way to decorate a front door! Think outside the wreath. Use unique containers and sundry finds to create a hanger that tells the world something about you. And guess what? You don’t have to invest a lot of money.

Go shopping in your home or garage or yard!

Today, Robin creates unique front door decorations using everyday items. Get ready for a little DIY inspiration and a lot of money-saving tips!

For the Gardener: A Watering Can Arrangement

Have a green thumb? Flaunt it! Create a fresh or faux flower arrangement in a small watering can. Add garden tools and gloves for extra flair.


  1. If using a metal can, felt dots on the back will protect your door from scrapes.
  2. Don’t have a metal can? Try a rain boot instead!
  3. Print out a gardening quote and frame it to finish your arrangement.
wreath made out of gardener's gloves flowers spade rake and water can hanging on distressed wooden door
woman putting up a gardening themed wreath on door

For the Fisherman: An A-lure-ing Door Hanger!

Fishing for some originality? Raid the tackle box! Use a reel, colorful lures and perhaps a vintage-style fishing pole.


  1. Heavy gauge wire is necessary to attach heavier items like fishing poles and equipment together.
  2. The more vintage, the better. This is a great way to display older pieces that no longer get used.
  3. Paint a “Gone Fishing” sign using scrap lumber or an old shingle.
wreath made from fishing net bait basket fishing rod and lures

For the Cook: A Front Door Recipe

Here’s a recipe for the perfect front door: 1 apron, 2 to 3 kitchen gadgets. Mix with imagination and enjoy! Use wire to run through the apron seams and create a dimensional effect.


  1. Thread a wire through the top apron seams to give it dimension and structure.
  2. Write out your favorite recipe and pin it to the apron! Maybe you can write several copies and encourage visitors to take a recipe.
  3. Use kitchen tools that are okay to get worn. The outside elements will give them some extra wear and tear.
  4. Safety pins are great for attaching lighter items like an oven mitt or dish towel.
wreath made from cooks apron measuring spoons and cups egg beaters and recipe card
woman making the cooks wreath by sliding metal wire in apron strings
woman attaching the measuring cups on the cooks wreath

For the Handyman: You Can Build It, Yes You Can!

Craft a beautiful door dedicated to hard work! Use a tool belt and older tools for a centerpiece. A fun sign is always the perfect finishing touch.


  1. This hanger can get heavy. Drill pieces into a plywood back for stability.
  2. Grab tools of any and all kinds. Play around with the arrangement.
  3. For a kid-focused door, use a kids tool set and tool belt.
woman hanging a wreath that consists of a tool rules sign with toolbelt and other tool décor

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Robin grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. After years living “in town,” she recently moved back to the country where she is renovating an old farmhouse. She’s an expert on window blinds and drape installations, color consultation and blind repair. Her flagship store, “House to Home Designs” is located on the historic Square, downtown Monroe, Wisconsin. Read More

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