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Think Outside The Wreath [Video]


The weekend’s almost here. I’m Robin with Front Door Friday. Today, we’re throwing out the wreaths. Let’s create unique front door decorations using everyday items. Get ready for a little DIY inspiration and a whole lot of money-saving tips.

There’s more than one way to decorate a front door. Don’t get wreathed in. Think outside of the wreath. Fishing for some originality? Raid the tackle box. Use a reel, colorful lures, and perhaps a vintage-style fishing pole.

Have a green thumb? Flaunt it. Create a fresh or faux flower arrangement in a small watering can. Add garden tools and gloves for extra flair.

Here’s a recipe for a perfect front door. One apron, two to three kitchen gadgets, mix with imagination and enjoy.

Craft a beautiful front door dedicated to hard work. Use a tool belt and older tools for a centerpiece. A fun sign is always the perfect finishing touch.

That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday. I encourage you to step out and try some front door decorating this weekend. To learn more, check out the Country Door blog and I’ll see you next Friday. Happy decorating and God bless.

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Looking forward a pit that you just water and the ivy just grows

What great ideas. I really liked the watering can decoration. Thank you

Hello Phyllis,
We are glad that you enjoy our decorating ideas. Happy decorating!
Warmest Wishes,
Your Country Door Team

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