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5 Farmhouse Bridal Shower Front Door Decorating Ideas

Is the wedding day approaching? It’s time for a beautiful pre-wedding celebration! Say “I Do” to these front door bridal shower decorations. It’s love, marriage and decorating heaven!


Jute twine adds a rustic touch to any farmhouse decorating scheme. It’s also an inexpensive and easily accessible supply. You can easily make your own twine orbs for decorating and even large lawn orbs. Use balloons for smaller orbs and inflatable beach balls for large orbs. You need to be able to deflate or pop the mold to release. Adapt this technique using any kind of rope, yarn or string. It’s important to use the right kind of glue and allow several hours drying time.

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  • Twine (or other string)
  • Outdoor wood glue
  • Balloons or inflatable beach ball


Pour glue into a container and add a little water to dilute it. Dip your twine in the glue and wrap around the balloon or inflated beach ball. The more random, the better. (If you’re making an oversized lawn orb, you might want to leave an opening on one end to be able to set the orb over a lantern). Let the glue dry completely. Pop the balloon or deflate the beach ball.

These are pretty wrapped in twinkling lights!


This workhorse fabric’s humble beginnings are all but forgotten. Burlap, or hessian, is natural biodegradable jute originally woven for sacks, rug backs and often used for landscaping. It’s now the go-to for rustic decorators everywhere. And, it’s affordable! Pick up a few yards to tuck around plants or drape over boxes. Or, why not make a throw rug?

Burlap (Hessian) Throw Rug


  • 1 yard burlap (hessian)
  • Stencil
  • Paint
  • Foam brush
  • Tacky glue
  • ½ yard black or brown felt
  • Seam binding, ribbon or rick rack (optional)


Cut 18” x 32” piece of burlap. Decorate! For a bridal shower, personalize with the bride’s name or wedding colors. Use stencils, foam stamps and your imagination. Glue seam binding, rick rack or ribbon around the edge. You may also fray the edges. Cut felt slightly smaller than burlap and glue to back side. This rug will not last long but it’s a cheap way to personalize a special event.


Isn’t it frustrating to think of the money that goes into party decorations used once then thrown away? Take a different approach. Choose decorations to double as party favors. Flower arrangements? Give them away! The front door wreath? Somebody wants that. It makes clean up easier and keeps your storage closets decluttered.

Here are a few ideas for decoration/favors. But the sky’s the limit. Show us your party favor hacks in the comments below.

  • Place an old dresser by the front door. Open a couple drawers and fill with vintage goodies like jewelry, old bottles, books, teacups and more. Leave a sign encouraging guests to take “something borrowed” as a memento.
  • Use beans or corks as a vase filler for a front door arrangement. Place a bowl beside it and ask guests to guess the number of beans inside. The closest takes home the arrangement.
  • Have a drawer of vintage doilies? Tie them up with individual soap, tea bags or candys inside as favors. Fill a basket and let guests take one going or coming.
  • Is there a garage corner with a stack of unused flower pots. Create a small potting station by the front door where guests can plant “Forget-Me-Nots”. Or let each guest take home a pot with seeds.


Create beautiful vignettes using found objects with a few new pieces. Grab a picture off the wall, dust off your own bridal dress, look around and find beautiful things in your own home. It’s cost-effective decorating. Be sure to use boxes, crates and furniture for height. Otherwise, small decorative pieces tend to get lost on a porch. If you’re hosting a party, it’s ok to put items outside that aren’t weather safe.

Look for:

  • Old books (check out thrift stores and even neighborhood free libraries)
  • Lace, doilies or vintage fabric
  • Crates and boxes
  • Broken jewelry
  • Vintage dishes and silverware (tarnished is good!)
  • Tree branches from the yard
  • An old window or picture frame (use chalkboard paint and make it a sign)
  • Flower pots


The easiest DIY in the world. We promise. Adapt any store-bought wreath to resemble a veil. Or make your own. An elegant wreath in all white flowers is perfect for a bridal shower door. You could also use a small flower crown and emphasize the tulle train more.


  • Wreath
  • Tulle (1 yard)


Tie a long tulle train to the bottom of the wreath. Done!

Looking for more Farmhouse Porch Ideas?


We’d love to see your creativity! Show us your front door decorations in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page.

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