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Fall Season Front Door Decorating


It’s apple pie, cider donuts and pumpkin carving season! Are you obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes? Is pumpkin carving an annual tradition? Let your Fall love show on your front door with fall decor ideas. Embrace the beautiful colors of the season and have fun creating a stand-out entrance.

Join Robin for a spicy front door makeover.


woman arranging a pumpkin planter full of corn husks pine cones and other fall décor on top of a bale of straw

Use large objects like a straw bale for depth and a platform to place decorations. Remember to place bigger pieces on the hinge side of the door to avoid blocking the entrance.

woman weaving bittersweet garland around a wrought iron railing on steps for a fall themed porch

Garland is beautiful along a railing. Zip ties are an easy, inexpensive way to hold it in place. Remember to keep the rail clear enough for people to use.

woman hanging a large wreath full of pumpkins maple leaves berries and pinecones

A wreath makes your door the central focus. A magnetic wreath hanger works well for glass storm doors and windows.

woman adding pumpkins and gourds to a wooden cart for a fall themed outdoor step

Don’t be afraid to rearrange things. Just because you set it there, doesn’t mean it has to stay there! Change will keep your door interesting throughout the season.

Do you want to learn more about Fall Front Door Decorating?

Meet Robin!

woman with white scarf smiling and opening front door

Robin grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. After years living “in town,” she recently moved back to the country where she is renovating an old farmhouse. She’s an expert on window blinds and drape installations, color consultation and blind repair. Her flagship store, “House to Home Designs” is located on the historic Square, downtown Monroe, Wisconsin. Read More

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