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Smart Ideas for Living Room Storage

Surprising Storage Furniture for the Living Room

It’s not called the living room for nothing. It often serves as the central hub for all the comings and goings of your family and their friends, so it comes as no surprise that it’s also the one place that collects everything from mail and shoes, to coats and backpacks. Wrangling all that action can be as simple as a few smart storage ideas that look stylish and effortlessly get the job done.

Behind Closed Doors

Living room cabinets are ingenious inventions designed to provide a place for all those knick knacks, books, photo albums and things that you want to have close at hand, but you don’t necessarily pull them out every single day. Best of all, they look fantastic while being practical at the same time. Pick one with plenty of shelves and drawers to hold what you need and fits your available space.

Living Room Table

Sea for Yourself

There is something about seagrass furniture that seems to blend in beautifully with just about any living room décor and the storage options are plentiful. Try a storage ottoman that doubles as a living room table while holding throws and pillows inside, or a sideboard with seagrass bins to store all those hard to wrangle items in style.

Media Storage

Get in Control

Get the upper hand on all the electronics in your house with a handy media storage unit. These cabinets are always perfectly sized and decked out with the right kind of compartments to hold cable boxes, DVD players, stereos and game systems, along with the cases and remote controls that usually accompany them.

Unique Bookshelves

Shelve It

Skip the traditional bookshelf and opt for unique bookshelves that are both space saving and stylish, like one that leans against a wall and offers varying depths of shelves. You’ll be able to fit a wide variety of items on each shelf and the contemporary style keeps things interesting. Décor and functionality go hand in hand with it comes to living room storage!

Storage Ottomans

Stay Mobile

Storage that goes where you need it at any moment wins bonus points with any busy family. Try rolling storage ottomans for quick seating and a perfect little extra space to toss backpacks or shoes. Rolling multi-bin storage units can fit into small corners and be on hand during big gatherings to hold must-haves like games and children’s toys.

What do you think?

How did you clear the clutter? Show us the before and after photos and your home storage ideas. We love to see how you solve your decorating dilemmas!

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Love, love Country Door, I look forward to getting my catalog

Love your things!

So happy to hear it, Vickie! Thanks for commenting :)

Love your new format. Keep up the good work. Love Country Door!!!!

Anne C. Roan
Nashville, TN

looking for a dressing screen they had a couple on seventh avenue can you come up with any

Hi Lynda,
The only screen I’m seeing is our Live, Laugh, Love Photo Screen. You can view more details here.
Hopefully it’s something similar to what you were looking for! Thanks!

I love the portable storage with wheels. Are the wheels foldable to be a seat?

Hello Rafale, thanks for your comment. The wheels do not fold, but they are removable.

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