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White Home Décor Tips

Capture the Power of White with White Home Decor

There’s something a little magical about the color white. It can feel fresh, modern, airy and bold. It can serve as the perfect complement or base to many a room style, and it is most certainly never boring. Layer several shades of white within a room to add dimension and interest. And by all means, let white serve as the perfect background to showcase a special piece of furniture, artwork or floor rug. Discover the many facets of this amazing hue!

White Out the Bedroom

There is a reason luxury hotels layer on the white linens. It feels luxurious, fresh and beautiful. Indulge with fresh white sheets, a gorgeous white quilt with intricate scalloped edging and a smattering of throw pillows in several sizes. When everything is white, you can bring focus to textures. Mix up satins, lace, embroidery and velvet all in that same lovely shade.

Coffee Table

Pair It With Wood

The warmth of wood looks amazing when married with white. Combine a creamy white, slipcovered sofa, and a super soft, fringed white rug with a rustic wood coffee table for a distinctive look.

Decorative Accessories

White Is Right

Within your white room, be sure to maintain the flow with white decorative accessories that blend in with their own individual touch. A pair of snowy white owls looks perfect peeking out from a shelf. A lounging ceramic kitty looks demure near your fireplace.

Shower Curtain

Light and Bright

Bathrooms can benefit from their own infusion of white. Fluffy towers of luxurious white towels are reminiscent of a spa, while an airy, smocked shower curtain lightens up the small bathroom space. Add clear glass jars filled with white essentials like cotton balls and swabs. Finish with a white bud vase and a single white rose.

Bathroom Mirror

Shabby Chic

A shabby chic look embraces the many elements of white that a room can feature. In your bathroom, try adding a charming framed bathroom mirror that looks like a treasure you uncovered at a boutique market. Or in your kitchen breakfast area hang a rustic white chalkboard screen with distressed edges to capture everyday notes and “to-do’s”.

Throw Pillows

Say Anything

Throw pillows in soft shades of linen and vanilla look beautiful when the feature words of wisdom. Toss them on a white couch or oversized upholstered chair for a unique look that is simple, yet inviting.

Window Treatments

In Plain Sight

Look for opportunities to add white to any room – from white quilted chair covers for your dining room to a breezy set of window treatments for your living room to a crisp set of dinnerware for your table. Adding an element of white can always feel right.

How did you decorate with white?

How have you used white as a decorative element in your home? Snap a picture and show us how you did it!



Comments (4)

I have a large (painted white) wall in my living room. I want my contractor to build me ‘wall to wall’ bookcases. My question is : Do I have them built straight across -uniformed- OR stagger the shelves across the wall ? These will be WHITE with BEADBOARD behind the shelving. Thank you,

Hi Mrs. Sobien,
A trend in the market right now is to stagger the shelves across walls (you’ll see this trend quite a bit with floating shelves). However, a more classic look is the more uniform approach. Without seeing the room, it’s hard for us to recommend one way or the other. We do always feel that personal preference and making your space feel comfortable and tailored to you is most important. We hope this helps and good luck with the shelving!

I tried to enter info for Catalog to be delivered to home, could not enter correct phone number.
Thanks, Beth.

Hi Beth,
Sorry for the trouble. Can you please email your mailing information to We’ll have someone from customer service sign you up for our catalogs. As a note, it can take up to six weeks to receive your first one. In the meantime, feel free to browse!

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