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Storage Solutions for Your Basement

Rethink Your Basement With These Ingenious Storage Ideas

Transform your home’s land down under with a smart approach to storage and organization that is both attractive and practical. Here we offer up a few DIY storage ideas that you can put into action right now, no matter what stage you may be in of basement clean-up, reorganization or remodel.

That’s Entertainment

Basements are often hubs for entertainment, so be sure to give all your media a place of their own with a media storage cabinet where all the action takes place. A media console underneath your TV can easily hold all your video players, and connection devices and hide them away behind cabinet doors. It’s also a nice way to hide all those cords too.

Entryway Storage Bench

Bench It

Many basements feature walk-out entrances, but these are often forgotten as entryways. Reimagine your basement back door with its own entryway storage bench that features cubbies to store outerwear, shoes, backpacks and sports equipment. It’s the perfect place to wrangle all the backyard extracurriculars before they expand into the rest of the house.

Wall Shelves

Climb the Ladder

Utilize every inch of your basement’s wall space with wall shelves that reach for the ceiling and give you highly functional space to store everything you can imagine. From books and games to DVDs and baskets of crafting supplies, there is no end to the storage possibilities. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity to add decorative touches along the way too!

Space Saving Furniture

Contain Yourself

The addition of space saving furniture will go a long way toward corralling clutter and adding a sense of style to your space. Let a large cabinet with glass doors serve as your personal library to hold books, magazines, videos and games. It will instantly add order to what can often become a jumbled mess.

Coffee Table Storage

Keep It Hidden

When your sitting area doubles as storage space without anyone knowing the difference, then you know that you’ve managed some smart decorating. Add coffee table storage to your basement’s family room. It’s a great place to stash extra blankets, family games, extra gaming remotes and anything else that’s ideal to have close at hand.


Work It Out

Sometimes having a workspace on the fly can come in handy. Especially if you’re hosting guests in the basement’s extra bedroom. Add a rustic desk with a tuck-away bench along a hallway or in an unused corner. It won’t take up much space and gives you the workspace you need whenever you need it.

Bathroom Storage

Bare Necessities

Bathroom storage always seems to be at a premium. Add valuable storage over any standard toilet with a space-saving unit built especially for a bathroom’s small space. Handy drawers can keep things tucked away, while open cabinets give you a place to put decorative accents and built-in cabinets hold towels and more.

Laundry Room Storage

On the Move

Laundry room storage poses its own unique challenges. Try a rolling cart with separate bins. This can keep laundry essentials organized while giving you the flexibility to move the cart where you need it, when you need it there. If your laundry room is open, consider hanging an attractive curtain to instantly hide the ever-changing laundry status from general view.

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Please let me know the size of the barrel coffee table; I am interested in purchasing it. I would appreciate any info. you could give to me. Thank you.

Hi Julie,
The dimensions of our Barrel Accent Table are 15 1/2″ diam. x 17 1/4″ h…If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to help!

A lot of items I can use.

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