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Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Solve Your Small Laundry Room Decorating Dilemmas

If you’re like many of us, the laundry room turns into the central station for just about anything that needs to be washed. From sheets and linens to yesterday’s practice jersey and everyday work clothes. And chances are, it all gets dumped in a heaping mess on top of the washer and on the floor. Get it all organized with a country laundry room makeover that will put everything in its place with plenty of style too.

Laundry rooms are rarely known for their expansive size. Quite to the contrary, they are usually tucked into a tiny space and demand creativity when it comes to storage solutions. There are plenty of small laundry room storage ideas ready to help you sort, dry, fold, and iron with ease.

Laundry Room Wall Storage

Does your small laundry room offer little space for storage? Check behind the door. It’s a perfect place to add a wall-mount ironing board where it will stay ready to go when you need it and tucks slyly away when you don’t.

Laundry Basket on Wheels

Mobile Laundry Carts

Does sorting piles of laundry on the floor feel messy and unorganized? Get those sorted piles up off the ground with colorful rolling laundry baskets on wheels. They keep everything separated and add a nice pop of color to a usually stark space. Plus, they serve double duty when it comes time to fold clean laundry, you can use one for each person in your home and roll it to their nearby rooms. Try a vintage, rolling laundry cart to add charm and practicality. Or a multi-bin rolling cabinet can wrangle all those essentials, like sewing kits, spot remover, iron, starch, dryer sheets, etc. The laundry room is often the place where household supplies are stored as well, so bins and baskets can keep everything from light bulbs to batteries all in one easy-to-find place.


Laundry Shelving

Laundry Room Shelving

There’s never one central place to keep all the little things, like dryer sheets, stain removers and hand washing supplies close at hand. Invest in an attractive laundry room organizer where you can organize shelves to hold everything you need in an easy-to-access space. Utilize pretty baskets on the shelves to catch little things like dress shirt collar tabs, stray buttons, and spare change. If a full-size organizer doesn’t fit your space, go smaller with laundry shelving that is just the right size. Even better when the shelving comes in a fresh color to brighten up the room.

Today’s laundry rooms can take a cue from vintage and country inspiration when it comes to organization. Wire cubby shelves with hanging hooks provides individual places to wrangle every family member’s belongings, and the wire mesh keeps everything in view and easy to access. From cubbies to bins to carts and shelving, this look offers a distinctive solution for small laundry rooms.


Wall Décor


Wall Decor

No one ever goes in my laundry room but me, do I really need to decorate this room in my house too? First and foremost, no matter what the room, you should add décor that makes you feel comfortable in your home. Even though your laundry room might not be the first place in your home that you think of to add décor, it is a perfect place to add wall accents that set a positive tone for the work at hand. Adding a touch of personality and style to your laundry room will make you feel great while you’re spending time there. A chalkboard screen can keep everyone on top of household chores. Or, write whimsical quotes with words of wisdom keep things lighthearted. A bright print or two can add a pop of color with just the right decorative touch. Finally, large wall letters spelling “W-A-S-H” can set the mood.

Laundry Unit

Storage Cabinets

Do you feel like your laundry rooms never look attractive? While it might not be the first place you think about improving the decor, but there are many surprisingly attractive laundry units. They will help organize all your cleaning items, sort your lights from your darks and look downright stylish at the same time.

Laundry room cabinets can make it easy to keep the clutter at bay. Choose a set that offers versatility with handy hooks, moveable shelves, and pull-out drawers so that you can choose what will work best for your family’s needs. When everything is tucked into its own space, your laundry room looks tidy and the small space is more liveable.

fold-down ironing board

Perfectly Pressed

Keeping all your ironing supplies neatly stored can be a challenge. A fold-down ironing board or storage cabinet custom made to hold your ironing board is a wise choice when space is at a minimum. It keeps everything out of the way, then folds out when you’re ready to get things ironed out.


laundry hampers

Contain Yourself

Laundry organization takes on a stylish look when you utilize laundry hampers to your advantage. Grab a set and slide them neatly into cabinets or corners. Your laundry room will instantly feel more organized.

Done With Your Laundry Room and Now on to…

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