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Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Your Bedroom Decorating Dilemmas Are Solved

It’s easy to get into a decorating rut when it comes to you bedroom’s décor. Instead, use these quick fixes to common decorating problems to breathe new life into your bedroom this spring.

Microfiber Sheets

DILEMMA: Bedding that never changes can feel flat and uninteresting.

SOLUTION: Spring is the perfect time to add a bright colorful oversized floral quilt to your bed to revive your room’s look. Another trick is to layer your bedding. Stay in the same basic color palette, but layer quilts, blankets and pillows to add a unique charm to the space. A new set of microfiber sheets can reinvigorate your bedroom’s appeal.


DILEMMA: It can be confusing trying to determine where to hang wall art in a bedroom. What’s the rule of thumb?

SOLUTION: Your bedside table is instantly transformed and becomes a focal point when you hang wall art above it. Color is key when decorating. Make sure your wall décor is in the same color family and coordinates with the other decorations on the bedside table and the bedding. In addition, artwork looks right at home over your bed’s headboard. Be sure that it doesn’t compete with an elaborate headboard or canopy; instead it should feel like a nice complement to it. You can choose a single large piece of artwork, or consider arranging a unique gallery of a few favorite pieces paired with small mirrors or framed photos.

Table Lamp

DILEMMA: What is the best way to light a bedroom? Overhead lights or bedside tables?

SOLUTION: Bedroom lighting works best when there are multiple light sources that allow you to adjust the light based on the time of day and the mood you want to set. Overhead lighting is ideal when you need to check if those are black socks or navy ones. Bedside lights are a must-have for bedtime reading, and a table lamp looks perfect in a corner nook where it can light up an accent chair and a small table. Dimmer switches make it a snap to adjust light levels.


DILEMMA: There’s always a need for easy access storage in the bedroom, but difficult to find it outside of big dressers.

SOLUTION: Small accents pieces that feature hidden storage often are just the right size to add to your bedroom. A pretty ottoman in a fresh shade of aqua, or a leather bench to go at the foot of your bed, are both ideal ways to add that much needed storage while adding a stylish accent.

Artificial Flower Arrangement

DILEMMA: Are you interested in adding a touch of spring to your usual bedroom décor, but not sure how to do it? Think small.

SOLUTION: Small accent pieces such as a colorful shag rug, a lemony-yellow table lamp or a garden-inspired artificial flower arrangement are just a few easy ways to welcome spring into your home.

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  1. Beautiful! Where can I get the quilt in the picture in this article? I love that! I need a king size one. Thank you!!

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  2. I love the Quilts I have purchased from Country Door. They are made well, easily cared for, do great in washer and dryer.

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