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Designer Looks for Less

Take These Interior Design Tips and Turn Your Dream Into a Reality

You don’t have to be an interior design pro to create a beautiful polished living space and still stay within your budget. Tackle your living room with these inspirational ideas and you will have a beautiful space in no time.

Think Unique

Almost every living room has a loveseat sofa, so when you want your space to look like a pro designed it, make sure this ‘star’ piece of furniture has a distinctive style and color. Look for special trims, like decorative nail heads, curved arms and tufted backs. Coordinating fabrics also add interest and run far from the everyday sofa choice.

Coffee Table

Go for the Unexpected

Is it a coffee table or a repurposed door? Guests will be intrigued when they realize that your coffee table was a lovely door in another life. This kind of twist makes for an unexpected approach to décor that is a hallmark of many interior designers. Take this same approach to side tables, too.

Throw Pillows

Throw It In

Designers use throw pillows like a baker uses icing on a cake. It adds the personality to your finished look. Toss decorative pillows that show off the mood and style you are trying to achieve. The best part – these are often the least expensive thing on your decorating list!


Sheer Genius

Sheer curtain panels are ideal for living rooms, where the idea is less about coverage and more about design and managing light. Sheer living room curtains that feature a delicate pattern do both, looking attractive and framing your window beautifully.


Find Your Footing

Define your conversation area with the help of a large area rug in an interesting pattern that features some of the key colors in your room’s palette. Let it anchor the room right under your coffee table.


Shine On

The tall and versatile nature of a floor lamp can bring light to any corner of your room and doesn’t rely on your table real estate to get the job done. Choose one with a curved or carved pole to bring a stylish visual punctuation to your space.


Home Sweet Home

Make your personal mark with a piece of wall art that says it best. Wise words, inspirational quotes and mood setting expressions are all ways to say it exactly how you want.

What’s your best home interior design tip?

Have you created designer looks for less? Share your home interior design tips in the comments below.

Comments (16)

I have an old oval enamelware wash tub that my husband was bathed in when he was a child. I want to use it in our home before it gets any additional wear/damage. But our home is not country at all. How can I use it in our traditional home?

Hi Cheryl,
There are lots of ideas to repurpose a washtub – You could use it outdoors to plant flowers, paint it and use it as a basket for blankets, utilize it as a cooler when hosting parties…Here’s a link to Pinterest to see how others used their wash tubs. If those ideas are too rustic, there are ways to dress them up as well. Hope this helps!


Thanks, Leola! We’re glad you like it!


Hi Kay,
I’m reaching out to our design team to see if I’m able to get that paint color for you. Here is a link to our Brussels Border Rug. It’s currently available in Aqua, Moss, and Terracotta. Hope that helps!

Price of dragon fly pillow?

Hi Millie,
Our Dragonfly Outline Stitch Pillow is currently $39.99. You can view full product details here.
Thanks for reaching out!

I love those pillows! I need a new catalog!

Hi Janice,
You can request a catalog here –
As a note, it can take up to six weeks to receive it. In the meantime, please feel free to browse our online catalogs or!

I like to have my carpet or rug and curtains match in color. I, big on blue. I also like prints on my sofas side chairs in siolids

Hi Marion,
Those sound like great combinations – Thanks for commenting!

A few flowers can brighten up any room!
Nice grocery stores sell them for a lot less.
Try them in unique containers.
Faux quality flowers are another great option. Some even look like the real thing so I shop for those .

Wonderful suggestions, Alma! Thanks so much for sharing!

The large pieces of furniture should be in colors versatile enough to be used for many years. Brighten the room with small, less expensive items such as pillows, rugs, throws, curtains, etc. Use a common pallette through the house to enable the transfer of accent pieces.

Thank you for commenting, Ruth – Those are great suggestions. We love how you recommend mixing various price points to balance the room.

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