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Romantic Style Decorating Ideas – White in a living room, bedroom, apothecary jars, a wreath, and sheer curtains.

Romantic Room Decorating for Your Home

Bring These Romantic Decorating Ideas To Your Entire Home

Romance doesn’t have to be reserved only for Valentine’s day or the bedroom. In fact, a romantic decorating approach is making its way far beyond just bedroom décor and is a distinct decorating style for many rooms in the house. There are some key design elements that will help you bring this approach to life in your home and we share them with you here.


Muted Color Palette

Start with a soft, muted color palette—think neutral whites, dusty pinks, pale yellows, and pastel periwinkles. Consider going with an all-white color palette then pairing it with interesting worn and welcoming textures, like white-washed woods and rustic woods.

Loveseat Slipcovers

Texture Counts

The addition of soft, welcoming fabrics is essential to a romantic decorating style. Brocade loveseat slipcovers, chenille bedspreads, velvet coverlets, lace curtains, and matelassé bed covers are all perfect options.

Decorative Bed Pillows

Layer Up

Layering of textures is important to romantic home décor. Pile on bedding in various weights, colors and fabrics. Look for decorative bed pillows and accent pieces that use fabric accents such as fringe, lace trim, ruffles and ribbons.

Glass Table Lamp

Graceful Touches

The comfortable tone of the romantic look is beautifully contrasted with an edge of sophistication. Add an elegant crystal chandelier, a glass table lamp, apothecary style jars, the vintage shine of mercury glass or a pearlized shell picture frame. Don’t forget about adding a few crystal doorknobs!


Feminine Furnishings

The most romantic rooms feature furniture with a decidedly feminine touch. Queen Anne style sofas, tufted accent chairs, dark woods, and benches with elegantly curved legs make pretty additions.

Spring Wreaths for Front Door

Bring the Flowers

Hang garland or a lovely garden wreath on doors or doorways. Delicate sprays of roses, whether they are in a floral-print quilted throw or fresh roses from your garden displayed in a glass vase, will add a romantic touch to any room.

Window Curtains

Sheer Brilliance

Sheer curtains add a touch of soft elegance to windows, but don’t stop there. Billowing sheer curtains or panels can frame beds, reading nooks, dressing areas or even soften doorways.


Capture the Glow

Any romantic room setup will require soft ambient lighting. Hang a pendant lamp or loop a delicate string of mini lights around a scrollwork headboard. Decorative lanterns make it easy to add a dramatic glow to any room.

Ready for a Romantic Bedroom Retreat?

Read more about how to give your bedroom a romantic touch.

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I love your web site and catalogs . My 14 yr. old Granddaughter has taken a interest in your catalogs ,We enjoy Country Door for all its great ideas. Also love the recipes.

Oh my……Love the off white bed spread….do you know where it can be bought??? Thank you for any information Kay

Hi Kay,

Thanks for your comment. You can find our Angelica Ruffle Chenille Bedspread and Sham here: Have a great day!

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