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12 Months of Wreaths

Are you too busy for a monthly front door makeover? Simplify your life and change the wreath. Month after month, life flies by-celebrate every new calendar page with 12 months of wreaths!

But first, here are a few tips for decorating with wreaths. And don’t forget to share your favorites with us online!

If you need a spring wreath for front door decorating, here are some ideas.


Wreaths can damage and scratch doors over time. Preventing this is easy. Use felt furniture leg protectors on your door as a buffer where the wreath touches. It’s also good to use them behind over-the-door hangers. If your door is painted or stained, keep a small jar of paint handy to touch up as needed.

Invest in a good hanger that compliments your door and wreaths. There are several different types of hangers available.

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The cheapest storage solution is keep the bag or box that came with each wreath. Wrap each wreath in a garbage bag for extra protection. Do not stack wreath bags on top of each other. Shipping boxes or plastic bins are ideal storage. They buffer the foliage so it maintains structure without getting pressed down. Label by month or season. Proper storage will keep wreaths looking good for years.

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Before hanging, take the time to arrange your wreath. It’s almost impossible to ship a wreath without it getting smashed a little. And storage can crush the foliage and bows. But don’t worry, you can fix it. It’s also a good time to clean flowers and snip off damaged areas.

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