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Nature-Inspired Home Décor Ideas

Nature-Inspired Decorating Ideas – Floral bedding, a floral arrangement, placemats, a seagrass storage table.

Nature Themed Decor for Every Room in the House

Touches of nature reign supreme with nature-inspired home decor. Bringing a bit of the outside to the inside is the core idea behind this design approach. Mother Nature has done a pretty incredible job out there, so it’s no surprise that we gravitate toward so much of this bounty. From the forests to the garden to the beach, there are so many ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your home décor.


Nature Themed Bedrooms 

Bedrooms are a wonderful place to instill a natural mood. This, after all, is where you seek tranquility and a restful atmosphere. Add bedroom comforter sets in soothing botanical shades and toss on complementing accent throw pillows to complement your bedroom design. Consider hanging a wall mural or sculpture over the headboard as your room’s decor focal point. You will rest in serenity in your nature-inspired bedroom.

Living Room Tables

Natural Style Living Room

Look to living room furniture and decorative pieces that utilize natural materials. Think seagrass living room tables, rattan trunks, and bamboo headboards. A basketweave area rug adds natural texture to any room. A woven seagrass floor lamp adds interest next to a sofa or oversized chair. Decorative accent pieces made with macramé or rope play an organic supporting role in your interior design and decor.

Table Linens

Natural Inspired Dining Room

Give an organic take on your dining room’s centerpiece by filling a long wood bowl with a collection of natural elements. Pinecones, mossy rocks, pieces of driftwood, a spray of cattails—this is one way to echo the outdoors when you’re inside with a soft and natural tablescape. Instantly elevate the tablescape with a nature-inspired table runner and placemats.


Flora and Fauna

Leafy arrangements, intriguing succulents, lush ferns, and beautiful bouquets of flower decor are the first way to invite the outdoors in. And whether you just want to add a natural accent or when you want to go all out, the addition of some greenery is the most ideal place to start.


Bring on the Botanicals

Terrariums are a natural home décor and make the most interesting conversation starters. Place several on side tables or along open shelves. They’re like little outdoor worlds right inside your home interior.


Channel the Ocean

Nature’s coastal vibe can be brought inside too. Arrange groups of seashells, driftwood, or sea glass in baskets, wood trays, or platters. Fill a large glass jar to the brim with shells or smooth stones. Blues, greens, and grays make the best color palette here. Pair it against soft whites to mirror the expanse of the shoreline and distant horizon. Gallery wall art with aqua blues, pristine whites, and alluvial browns add serenity and remind us of the soothing sound of ocean waves.


Upcycle with Natural Home Decor

Natural decorating ideas can take shape from your own supplies that you have on hand. Take empty boxes, bottles or apothecary jars and arrange them along a window ledge or along a long table. Fill each one with a natural element, from a single flower bloom, to an elegant feather to dried flowers and potpourri. Change the contents out often to mirror the changing seasons outside.


Look to the Trees

Warm wood tones and beautiful wood grain is a natural fit in this earth décor. Natural stains and dark woods provide the perfect foundation against natural fiber fabrics when selecting furniture or accessories.

Window Coverings

Color Your World

Just turn your eye to the outdoors for color palette inspiration, whether for window curtains or area rugs. Earthy greens, rustic rich browns, and light tans play beautifully against creamy whites and soft grays. Mother Nature’s leaves, stones, trees, and river rocks power the look and subtle tones of nature. Keep the use of true black to a minimum. It doesn’t feel like a natural element. Look to deep slates instead.

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Marsha Parker

I love all of your items!!!


I really love this blog. These home decoration tips are really amazing and all the pictures look great. These tips are really useful and can make you home look more attractive.


Moving soon. These decorating ideas are really great. Learning a lot and will be using the tips to help ,e decorate my new place. Thanks Country Door!


Thanks for the Nature-Inspired home decor ideas! We just moved into a new place, and we want to decorate it beautifully. We have been looking all over for information!

Megha Sharma

I love decorating home with nature-inspired decoratives. From rug, curtains and tableware to furniture; everything in my home is natural and rustic. Even I recently bought a href=””> river table to bring the charm of a natural river into my space. I really love your ideas. Definitely, I’ll get inspired by them.

tiana burtch

The images are just beautiful and I loved that you used nature expressing colors and bedding. The color of the month is blue and it’s also nature-related. Will add the ocean-colored bedding to my bed.

tiana burtch

The idea of decorating a bedroom with a nature theme is just awesome!! Thanks for sharing.The color of the month is blue and will add ocean colored bedding to my bed

James Smith

Hello. I also search home decor blogs and I really like trendy home decor items and thanks, It’s a great thing that this article suggested the importance.


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Published on Feb 04 2021

Last Updated on Sep 14 2021

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