10 Organizing Tips for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the keeper of a lot: cookware, cutlery, baking pans, dishes, linens and appliances, just to name a few things. So a smart and stylish approach to kitchen organization is key to having a kitchen that works for you. Try several of these clever kitchen storage ideas to see how they can make this all-important room easier to navigate every day.

  1. Clear the counter-top – Your counter-tops are the most likely place for clutter to take hold. Clear the way with charming shelving, such as an over-the-sink shelf, that looks as lovely as it is practical.
  1. Storage ideas for pots and pans – Hang a pot rack and move your pots and pans out of a cabinet to free up that space for other items. Likewise, look for unused storage space above your oven or refrigerator that can be turned into a shelf or cabinet.
  1. Find your center – If the center of your kitchen has space, add a portable kitchen island or a rolling kitchen cart with shelving and drawers. It’s a perfect place for all those things you need often – your favorite cookbooks, those mixing bowls you use constantly, etc.
  1. Bring on the baskets –The kitchen is filled with small little tools, such as cookie cutters, melon ballers, cake decorating supplies, mixing blades and more. Easily organize and wrangle them with the help of baskets, then slide them onto shelves or atop cabinets.
  1. Think skinny –Do you have a skinny bit of space in your kitchen, often right beside the refrigerator or cabinets? Turn it into pantry space with a portable kitchen pantry. Just roll it into the tight space and roll it out to get your supplies when you need them. This is a great place to store canned goods or an extensive spice collection.
  1. Clever kitchen storage –Don’t depend solely on your built-in cabinets to cover all your storage needs. Look to freestanding kitchen storage furniture to fill in the gaps. Keep small appliances like a coffee maker, microwave oven and toaster in a compact appliance cabinet. Or add a small, double door pantry to an unused wall.
  1. Divide your drawers –If your kitchen drawers look like a jumble of spatulas and whisks when you open them, then utilize drawer dividers to make better sense of it all. Once everything has its own place, it will be a snap to locate exactly what you need when cooking.
  1. Kitchen wall storage – Open shelving gives you the opportunity to take some things out of your cabinets and put them on display. From linens to glassware to serving platters, you might be surprised how nice it all looks when it is out in the open. Plus, you’ve opened up more space inside your cabinets too.
  1. Go mobile – Even the wastebasket can look stylish, rather than sitting out for everyone to see (and smell!). Use a rolling trash bin in a pretty color to hide it and add a decorative element to your kitchen.
  1. Put it on the side –Take a look at your cabinets, is there a bare side of a lower cabinet just waiting for it to be put to use? It can be just the perfect spot to hang several towel racks or individual hooks for often-used items like cutting boards.