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Home Decorating Tips: Back to College Decor

The Must-Haves to Ace College Decor

College dorm rooms are notorious for being small and in need of some personal style. Send your coeds off to school with the essentials and some key items to stay organized so they can focus on studying, all with smart decorating style.

College Room Decorating Essentials

  • Bedding – The bed is usually the focus of any dorm room. It’s the place they spend the most time from sleeping to studying to staying up all hours. It’s the one piece of furniture that demands multiple layers of college bedding that reflect personal style. Start with a set of microfiber sheets and then layer on a comforter, quilts and blankets.
  • Task Lamp – It seems like there is never enough light in a dorm room, and a desk lamp or table lamp will help light up their individual area of space, which comes in handy when the roommate is ready to hit the pillow rather than pulling an all-nighter.
  • Wall Organizer – Keeping everything in its place is key to staying organized, especially when those midterms come around. Choose a wall organizer that has multiple places to tuck assignments, take-out menus and messages from friends.
  • Floor Coverings – Dorm rooms are rarely known for their fabulous flooring. Add multiple shag area rugs in bright colors to brighten the mood and go easy on the feet.
  • Study Desk – After all, studying is why they’re there in the first place, right? Choose a space-conscious, small desk that provides just enough space to manage a few books and a laptop. A chair that tucks underneath is a great option for space-challenged rooms.
  • Hanging Organizer – A jewelry organizer that hangs on the wall is a great use of space and helps keep all those many pieces of jewelry wrangled in one place. Hang it near a mirror or on the inside wall of a closet to be able to accessorize at a moment’s notice.
  • Smart Storage – Storage space is always at a premium in a small dorm room, but it can still be stylish. Choose a small console table with shelves as a place to store books and drawers that can hold supplies. Or choose shelving with multiple cubbies that can keep everything in its right place.

What’s College Room Decor Tip?

Have a decorating tip for college-bound families? Share your decorating tips in the comment section below!

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