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Beautiful and Relaxing Home Staycation

Enjoy a Vacation Inspired Atmosphere at Home

It doesn’t take a plane ticket to make an escape. Believe it or not, you can transform your own home into the perfect vacation spot. This summer plan a staycation and make your home into your vacation resort.

Think Luxurious

The trick to making your own home feel like a new retreat is to add elements that are out of the ordinary for you. If you don’t have breezy outdoor curtains or coastal outdoor furniture accessorized with striped pillows, then adding those kinds of special elements can instantly add a new sense of adventure to your usual setting.

Coastal Decor

Think Beachy

No matter how far you may be from the seashore, you can bring a bit of the beach to your home with the addition of some whimsical coastal decor. Place a pair of decorative shore birds on your porch railing, Arrange a few ceramic sea turtles at the base of your pathway, or decorate your tabletop with a scattering of seashells and a coral accent piece.

Solar Lanterns

Think Light

When it comes to ambiance, your best friend is lighting. Your setting becomes something special when you swap out your everyday lamp with a stylish solar lantern or add a solar seashell light to each step of your outdoor stairs. Pick a gorgeous plate or serving dish, add candles of varying heights then add pebbles or sand around the base.

Pouf Chair

Think Outdoors

Make your outdoor living area something out of a midsummer night’s dream by starting with a seating area under the branches of your favorite tree. Hang lanterns and sparkling lights from your new leafy cover and add comfy pouf chairs, pillows and throw blankets to take away the post-sunset chill.

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Hi Jaime,
The winner will be chosen on Monday of next week – Once we have confirmation of the winner, we will be posting the announcement on our Facebook page.

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