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Home Decorating Tips: Solar Lighting

Light the Night With Outdoor Solar Lighting

Long after the sun has bid its farewell, there are plenty of hours left in the day to still enjoy the great outdoors. All you need are some well-placed lighting. Even better – lose the cords and plugs and look to eco-friendly solar lighting as a way to make your evening sparkle with possibilities. Be sure that your solar lights have a way to soak up the sun all day so they’ll be ready to shine bright well into the evening hours.

Take Charge With Solar Lighting

  • Set The Table – Take your dining table from everyday to enchanting when you utilize solar lighting to create the right mood. Capture the same glow as candles without worrying about flickering flames when you place solar lights inside mason jar lanterns or hurricane lamps.
  • String It Along – The mood will instantly become welcoming and festive when you string outdoor lights along pergolas, across the eaves of a patio cover, along deck railings or throughout the branches of a large tree. And with so many style choices available, you can opt for bright and colorful or vintage charm and everything in between!
  • Light the Way – Be sure to light the path for your guests with solar stakes or pathway lights that will automatically turn on once the sun sets, so you won’t be stranded in a dark backyard. The lit pathways keep your entertaining area extended beyond just your dining or conversation area.
  • Charm the Garden – Solar garden lights allow you to accent your garden area, often in the most delightful ways. From glass flowers to stoic snails to luminaries and lit planters, there are so many ways to provide lighting accents to your garden area without ever having to find an extension cord.
  • Get Decked Out – Add a decorative glow to areas throughout your patio and deck so that there are accent lights sprinkled throughout the area. Solar deck post cap lights provide light along your deck railings. Strategically placed lanterns or lighted pots can be added to corners or along stairs so help your guests navigate.

What’s your bright outdoor lighting idea?

Comment below with your tips for using solar lights in your outdoor decorating.

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