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Home Decorating Tips: Small Apartment Decor

10 Smart Design Tricks for Decorating a Small Apartment

Small apartments can go big on style with a few smart decorating tips that can help you make the most of your space. From lighting to window coverings to strategic placement of your furniture, these design tricks will help transform your small space into one that feels downright spacious.

  • Shine Your Own Light – Bring your own personality to a small apartment by changing up light fixtures to something that speaks more to your personality and style. Floor lamps direct light upward and brighten up the top half of your room to make it feel larger. Pendants can lighten up a dark corner and bring attention to an otherwise missed area.
  • Lighten Up – A dark floor can make a small living space feel closed in. Open up your room by adding a large area rug in a light color.
  • Study Well – Chances are, a small apartment might not have a dedicated space for a study or home office, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out a place to manage your work. Choose a small desk and a chair that tucks underneath when not in use. Look to a hallways, nook or even a corner of your kitchen to find the perfect place to study.
  • Dine In – When space is at a minimum, stay attentive to your room’s scale. A small kitchen calls for a small dining table set, rather than a more typical one that seats 4-6 people. Your space won’t feel overstuffed when everything seems to be a perfect fit.
  • Go With the Flow – Liven up your windows with window coverings that can add softness, drama and color, while adding height to your room when you hang curtains higher than your windows.
  • Sweet Dreams – Your bed may be one of the largest pieces of furniture in your apartment, so be sure to give it some style and attention. Layer fabrics, bed linens and throw pillows to make it feel like its own retreat within your small space.
  • Take a Seat – Choose a living room sofa that is scaled to fit an apartment space. Skip an overstuffed sofa, or a large sectional. Instead look for a substantial two-seat loveseat or a three-seat sofa.
  • Hide Your Storage – Choose furniture pieces that serve double duty with storage options. A trunk or ottoman that can store pillows and blankets works great, or a coffee table with drawers that can stash away books, magazines or games. Try a small chest of drawers in a hallway, rather than a console table, to gain the extra storage.
  • Mirror, Mirror – The addition of an oversized mirror or other reflective surfaces, like glass side tables, will do wonders to add light and open up your space. Another trick – hang a mirror so it reflects a nearby window, giving the illusion of an additional window in the room.
  • Go Green – Adding a few plants near chairs or along window ledges can provide a lovely finishing touch and actually help the eye see past the corners and edges of a room and its furniture.

How did you make the most of your space?

Share with us your own tip on how to make your small apartment space feel bigger. Share your inspiration with us in the comment section below.

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Wonderful decoration in your livingroom. I like your decoration and Ideas. It’s a helpful post for my living room.
Thanks for sharing your post.

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