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Home Interior Design Ideas By the Numbers

Foolproof Home Interior Design Ideas

When your furnishings serve double duty, then everything in your space seems to work twice as well. Think about adding key pieces that not only look beautiful but also serve a practical purpose. And when you are unsure about arranging home décor, whether it’s wall art, a collection of figurines or a handful of baskets, all you need to know is the number three!

Versatile Furnishings

Whenever possible, choose versatile furnishings that do double duty, such as a grandfather clock with concealed storage behind its door. Or a coffee table that can be used to store blankets, games, books and magazines. Hiding things in plain sight—how efficient, how convenient!

Bird Decorations

Decorate in Multiples of Three

There’s something beguiling about uneven numbers, whether it’s a trio of vintage frames mounted on the wall, floral glassware set together on a shelf or birds nesting in a window seal. Collections come together effortlessly when a naturally balanced trio leaves you free to mix and match. It could be that the elements you use are simply similar—or charmingly different. It’s important to coordinate at least one theme, such as size, style or color. Remember: three’s the magic number.

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Eclectic Decorating with China

It may be that your treasured dishes and cups have only one thing in common—your love. Display them together anyway! Arrange your mismatched china on shelves. Place cloth napkins (make sure they match the dominant color in your kitchen) under the bowls, behind the plates and tucked in the cups. It will create a coordinated look that beautifully showcases your favorite pieces.

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The Indispensable Keepsake Trunk

  • Offering the perfect combination of storage and display, a glass-sided keepsake trunk allows you to store prized quilts without hiding them away. Plus a handsome keepsake trunk contributes to your décor.
  • By keeping extra quilts, blankets, fine linens, etc. inside a keepsake trunk, you’ll be protecting them from dirt and dust, insect damage and harmful sunlight when they’re not in use.

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Decorate with Salvaged Items

Sometimes all it takes to spruce up your room is to take a familiar object and display it in an unusual way. Unexpected details, like a salvaged door-turned-headboard, can add architectural flair in unconventional places. To make a headboard, turn the door on is side, embellish it with decorative molding, paint it to match your décor then use sandpaper to lightly distress the edges.


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