Outdoor Games Serve Up A Little Healthy Competition And Add To The Outdoor Party Fun

Everyone will want to get in on the fun of your backyard games this summer. Not only are these a fantastic diversion that gets everyone enjoying the outdoors, it’s a great way for guests of all ages, young or old, to enjoy spending time together.

Go Old School

Take a chapter from days gone by and organize a good old-fashioned potato sack or three-legged race. If you don’t have burlap sacks, use large pillow cases instead. For the three-legged race, try pairing an adult with a kid —it makes for great photo opportunities!

Corn Hole Toss

Toss Away

Combine luck and skill with a classic corn hole toss game. You can get official by keeping them 27 feet apart, or move them closer together for the younger players in your group. Be sure to place this game out of the way of the flow of the party, so guests aren’t tempted to walk in between the two corn hole boards.

Outdoor Checkers

King Me

Practically everyone knows how to play checkers, so a jumbo board made to be played on the lawn will be an inviting competition of outdoor checkers for kids and adults alike. Make an official tournament out of it and announce a grand champion at the close of your festivities. Be sure to have a crown handy!

Pickleball Outdoor Party Games

Royal Court

Pickleball has taken off in popularity. If you have a court surface near your outdoor gathering, then invest in a pickleball set and get ready for the fun! This fun court-style game falls somewhere between tennis, badminton and ping pong, and is especially fun for competitive couples.

Croquet Sets

Wicked Wickets

When it comes to the game of croquet, we often think of ladies dressed in white dresses and gentleman in coat and ties. It seems so civilized! But today’s version of croquet is far more casual and friendly. However, one thing still remains – the opportunity to whack your opponent’s ball into your neighbor’s yard. Pull this yard game out when you have groups of couples that like to hang out together, or when you want to bring lots of individuals together.

Lawn Darts

Take Aim

Take an aerodynamic twist on the classic game of horseshoes with a game of lawn darts. Today’s lawn darts are safe and a fun way to test your aiming skill. Kids love this one because they can show off their aim just as easily as the adults can. Be sure to keep this game aimed away from the action of the rest of your outdoor entertaining.

What’s Your Game?

Comment below and share with us which backyard game is a favorite at your family’s backyard fun. Is there one that everyone looks forward to ever year?