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Gardener’s Front Door [Video]


The weekend’s almost here.
I’m Robin with Front Door Friday.
It’s garden season.
We’re going to decorate with seed packets
and vegetables.

♪ [music] ♪

Mary, Mary, quite contrary.
How does your garden grow?
Or, more importantly,
how does your front door grow?

Today, we’re using vegetables, flowers,
garden tools, and even a garden hose
for today’s front door decorating.

♪ [music] ♪


Step #1: Coil the Hose
Step #2: Secure with Zip-Ties
Step #3: Arrange Flowers
Step #4: Place Flowers on Hose Wreath
Step #5: Make a Simple Bow and Tie around Wreath
Step #6: Hang on Front Door!

Add a piece of furniture to your porch and decorate it.
I added some flowers and a pillow,
but I left room for me to sit down and enjoy my work.

That’s it for this week’s Front Door Friday.
I encourage you to step out and enjoy some
front door decorating this weekend.
To learn more, check out the Country Door
blog and we’ll see you next Friday.
Happy decorating and God bless!

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