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12 Beautiful Summer Flowers Front Doors [Lookbook]

teal door with a summer flowers wreath and a white picket fence

Front Door Flowers…Everywhere!

Cottage-style front porch gardens are romantic and colorful. Use an eclectic mix of perennial blooms planted to look naturally random. Consider adding window boxes and a wagon or container to your front porch. Plant them with colorful, traditional flowers like petunias, begonias and verbena.

Elegant Front Door Flower Pots

Flower pots can be classy. The key is placement and planning. Use a mix of large and small pots and blooms. Plant several pots the same way for symmetry. To place, create a cascade down from the door. Tall in back, small in front. Never leave a small pot out by itself. Tuck it in with larger pots or group small pots together.

Simple Summer Door Decorations

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Two pots of matching flowers on a bench can be enough. The key is to keep other decorations to a minimum. Here, the chair and bench are painted to match. The only other decorations are simple wooden oars. Nothing distracts from the potted plants.

A Front Porch Flower Pot Garden!

Who says herbs and vegetables have to be in a garden? Plant a tiered garden for your front porch. Use terra cotta pots. Herbs, lettuces and micro greens work in smaller pots. To continue the theme, use strawberries, tomatoes and even carrots in larger planters, or plant edible flowers.

Skip the Floral Door Wreath

Some doors just don’t need a wreath. But there’s still a place for flowers. If you love symmetry and matching, use 3 coordinating pots and plant them identically. Here, lower pots placed on a step are the perfect touch.

Add a Stunning Flower Door Wreath

A statement summer floral wreath can make your entrance stand out. The wreath will pop if its color is unique from all the other flowers and decorations. Make sure the color coordinates and makes sense.

Use Hanging Flower Pots

Hanging a flower pot by the front door will draw the eye and add height to your decorating design. Make sure it coordinates with the front door color.

Make A Front Door Flower Basket

A farmhouse summer door hanger is easy to make. Just use a flat basket and arrange flowers to your heart’s content! Faux florals will last longer but fresh flowers are perfect for gardeners with perennial blooms.

Hang a Bright Summer Floral Wreath

A wreath is the quickest and easiest way to use flowers around the front door. Summer wreaths should be colorful in bright, punchy colors. Whenever designing or buying a flower wreath, look for florals to match the season.

Use the Same Flowers…Everywhere!

Do you have a favorite flower? Make it the star! Use it in pots, planters and on wreaths. Go big or go home. The bold statement will stand out and give your home flowery curb appeal.

Try Shrubs and Flowering Bushes

Oversized barrels and containers are ideal for planting rose bushes or flowering shrubs. These large bushes add scale and a punch of color.

Set Up A Farmhouse Front Porch!

Galvanized metal hanging planters and rustic white pots add farmhouse charm. Choose an old-school flower like geranium to complete your throwback look.

Show Us Your Front Door Flowers!

Take a picture of your front door flowers and we might feature it on Facebook!

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Very cozy looking. Love the porch ideas.

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