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Valentine’s Day Front Door Decorating

woman with pastel plaid scarf waving while standing on a Valentine's Day themed front porch



4 Ways To Decorate A Valentine’s Day Front Door!

I love it? I love it not. I love it? I LOVE it! Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Let’s show the front door some love.


Valentine’s Day hugs and kisses for a door? Absolutely! This easy door hanger is versatile and affordable.

– Create or buy an oversized X and O. Wood cutout letters are available at hobby stores. Or make the X out of twigs from your yard and buy a round vine wreath for the O.
– Use floral foam to add dimension and stability. A foam wreath is perfect for the “O”.
– Cover foam in moss. Try mixing different colored mosses for an interesting background.
– Add faux flowers and greenery. This is where you take the concept and make it your own. You could go rustic with natural materials, romantic with roses and flowers or bright using conversation heart colors.
– Attach a ribbon to the back for hanging and you’re done!


Make a cascade of hearts in a lovely rustic wagon, crate or even a classic children’s red wagon. Use flower pots to create different heights and cover with tulle. Fill the wagon with painted wood or cardboard hearts! There are so many ways to go with this. You could create conversation hearts or classic valentine hearts with ribbons and lace.


When it comes to seasonal decorating, tulle is your friend. It’s inexpensive, easy to find and comes in a vast array of colors. From a practical standpoint, tulle also makes a lightweight garland easily attached to command hooks using wire or rubber bands. Use it as filler for pots and wagons to tie a decorating scheme together.

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Save the plastic ring from a 6-pack of sodas and make a quick and easy bow! This works best with tulle, fabric or very wide ribbon since you won’t want the plastic to show. Pull bunches of material through the holes in the plastic. Fluff out and you’re done! You can cut the plastic down for smaller bows.


Decorate front porch furniture! Pillows are always fun and inviting. You can easily personalize a store-bought pillow. Cut out a felt heart. Stitch onto the pillow. Remove it later and replace with another seasonable update! You’ll get lots of mileage out of just one pillow.

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Published on Feb 01 2019

Last Updated on Mar 16 2021

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