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10 Bathroom Organization Ideas

10 Bathroom Organization Ideas – Farmhouse organizers, a clothes tree, half barrels, metal trough, a glass door cupboard.

Make The Most Of Your Bathroom’s Space With These Handy Tips

Let’s face it, bathrooms rarely offer a wealth of space. So, optimizing your bathroom with creative bathroom storage ideas while getting decluttered will do wonders toward making your space more livable and attractive.

  1. Deep clean first – Dive under the bathroom sink and you will likely find plenty of items that can be thrown away or cleaned out. Give this area a good cleaning to discover space for organizing.
  2. Organize under the bathroom sink – Baskets are a stylish and easy way to organize under the sink and give everything its own place. Use separate baskets for towels, hair products, bathroom tissue, and just about anything that you want to unclutter.
  3. Maximize your space – Utilize stylish over-the-toilet cabinets to wrangle all those bath supplies while keeping everything looking sharp. A cabinet offers extra space for storing toiletries & towels. This is a great way to use that vertical space that often goes unused.
  4. Organize bathroom drawers – Drawer trays with dividers that perfectly fit inside your drawers will keep makeup tidy and can be used to organize everything from bobby pins to curlers to makeup brushes.
  5. Shower organizer ideas – It can seem like a battle of shampoos is going on in your shower. Use an organizer designed specifically for the unique space inside a shower whether you hang an organizer from the showerhead or have space for a corner shelving unit.
  6. Towel storage – If you don’t have enough space to hang towels, consider adding several hooks so that everyone has their own space. Or, try a standing towel rack with a basket.
  7. Store stylishly – Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Hang a rustic bathroom cabinet or a distinctive cubby shelf with hooks to add storage space with a decorative touch.
  8. Roll with it – Sometimes mobility is just what your bathroom needs. Add storage carts, a rolling storage ottoman or tiered rolling shelves so that you always have the ultimate flexibility to move things around.
  9. Wrangle the laundry – A conveniently placed laundry hamper will help everyone resist the temptation to toss dirty laundry on the floor.
  10. Organize the bathroom counter –Sometimes the best place to store little necessities is right in plain sight. Fill decorative glass or apothecary jars with cotton balls, swabs and soaps and place them on the counter for easy access.

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These are all very good ideas to save and make the most of a small space, in a decorative manner. I’ll be stopping back to your blog to read up on more of the great ideas posted here.

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