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Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Update the Heart of Your Home

Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Update the Heart of Your Home

There’s a reason why every party seems to end up in the kitchen – it’s where we gather for cooking, eating and connecting. It truly is the very heart of every home, so whether you are poised to renovate, redecorate or are looking to do a simple update, be sure to consider all the ways you live and use the space when looking at kitchen decorating ideas.

Escape the Cabinet

Explore open kitchen shelving, rather than keeping everything tucked behind cabinet doors. Open shelving lets you store and display your favorite dishes, glasses and vases.

Rustic Storage Tower

Rustic Storage

Seek inspiration from today’s popular rustic trend by displaying a metal storage tower and filling it with your favorite kitchen items. Think colorful mugs, a small vase or a stack of towels.

Unique Kitchen Clock

Interesting Accents

Kitchen decorating space is often at a minimum, with only a few wall spaces and counter-tops to work with. Choose a distinctive accent that serves double duty – like a kitchen clock.

Inspirational Wall Art for Your Kitchen

Be Inspired

You spend time in your kitchen every single day, so it’s the perfect place to hang an art print that features inspirational quotes that will remind you and your family about what is important.

Wall Mounted Shelves to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Get Wired

Today’s industrial style trend keeps things simple with wall mount shelves featuring wire cubbies to hold all your go-to essentials – from keys and mail to dish towels and coffee mugs.

Uinique Kitchen Wall Art

Kitchen Wall Art

It’s easy to focus on the practical side of how you use your kitchen, and forget to add purely decorative elements. Make it your own with unique kitchen wall art like the universal fork and spoon.

Snap a Photo!

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  1. I love decorating, but have a small house, and am always looking at storage

  2. Are the spoon and fork wall art no longer available?

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