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Bring Plants Indoors for the Winter

When To Bring Plants Indoors

Is the weather starting to threaten your outdoor potted plants? When the night temperatures dip to below 45 – 48 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s time to bring them inside. Before you bring your plants indoors, double-check that they don’t have any small insects like aphids or spider mites. Find them a sunny spot by a window and place them in decorative planters or baskets that complement the room’s décor. Adding a little life and indoor plants to your home décor will instantly wake up a room.

Enjoy Healthy Houseplants All Winter Long

Acclimate your plants to the indoors by bringing them inside in the evening and then putting them back outside in the morning. For about two weeks, gradually increase the amount of time they are indoors versus outdoors. Group your houseplants together to create a humid microclimate in the dry, winter months. Remember to check if your plant is thirsty every 3-4 days. Don’t overwater or leave them in standing water.

By taking the proper steps, you can enjoy healthy houseplants all winter long.

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I filled my order out for the first time. I am not a member yet. I called last night at 800 # for help to get #, they said just fill out the order and someone would take care of this. Please take my order and assign me a customer # or what you need. I have no catalog so I can’t get any number from it. Trashed days after order was placed. I have 5 orders and would like a new catalog, I have acct’s with LTD, BELKS, JC PENNY, Khols, Visa, Walmart. I was sent your on line items and enjoyed them. Please send me e-mail and accept my order. Thanks.

Hi Doris,
Could you please send an email with your information to One of our customer service reps will be able to look into it for you!
-The Country Door Team

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