8 Ideas for Decorating With Mirrors

If you haven’t utilized the space-defying powers that mirrors can bring to your home decorating, then don’t wait another second. They can make your space feel bigger than it is, reflect light and change the view of your room in an instant.

  • Embrace the Frame – Replace that standard builder’s mirror in your new home’s bathroom with a bathroom mirror that features an ornate decorative frame. Your space will instantly feel like a special retreat.
  • Resist the Tilt – Placing a beautiful large mirror over your fireplace mantel is a great look, but be sure to hang it rather than leaning it against the wall. When it is tilted, it only reflects the ceiling and misses the wonderful opportunity to reflect back into the room.
  • Expand Your Space – When your room’s real estate is at a premium, try introducing a full-length mirror into the room. This is one of the tricks that interior designers use all the time to make a room feel much bigger than it is.
  • The Power of Three – Instead of one large mirror, try hanging a trio of smaller mirrors that belong in a set, like these round mirrors with an enchanting little bird on top. The decorative rope adds a nice touch too.
  • Room With a View – Try hanging a mirror so that it reflects a window in your room. It will give the illusion of an additional window in your room and make your space feel bigger.
  • Artistic Stand In – When hanging a piece of art might be adding too much to your wall, hang a mirror instead. It will add visual interest without overpowering your space and its neutral quality will complement the art you already have hanging.
  • Create Flow – Hang mirrors in narrow hallways or along stairways. These will help give the narrow space some breathing room and creates flow from one room to the next.
  • Spot Check – Hang a portrait size mirror in your entryway or even in a mudroom so that whenever you’re about to walk out the door, you’ll be able to check your look as you go. This is a great use of making a decorative accent pretty and practical!

Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

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